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🌟 Hello SAP Community! Excited to Connect and Grow Together 🌟


Greetings everyone!

I'm thrilled to be a part of this dynamic SAP community and have the opportunity to share a little about my journey in the world of SAP. My name is Iriam, and my relationship with SAP began in 2007 when I embarked on a remarkable internship that marked my first step into this transformative realm.

Back then, I vividly remember diving into the world of SAP with an internship that pushed me to learn the ropes of report creation on my own. While it may have seemed like a challenge at first, looking back, I can honestly say it was an exciting adventure. The process of self-learning ignited a passion for understanding the intricate workings of SAP and set the stage for my future endeavors.

Fast forward to later years, I found myself fully immersed in the "Material Management" module on ECC in a different organization. This experience was an eye-opener, allowing me to comprehend the crucial role SAP plays in efficient resource management within a company. Unfortunately, life's twists and turns led me to step away from this path for a while.

But, as they say, true passion never fades. In 2021, God gave me the chance to return to the SAP universe, this time helping a SAP consulting team as a project manager. It's incredible how SAP has evolved, and I'm invigorated by the endless learning opportunities it offers. The ever-evolving landscape of innovation in the SAP ecosystem fuels my desire to keep pushing my boundaries.

Now, in the present moment, I stand at the crossroads of new beginnings. Eager to expand my horizons even further, I'm dedicated to delving deep into my studies once again. SAP is a realm where knowledge is power, and I believe that joining this community will provide an invaluable platform for the exchange of insights and assistance.

I am here to both learn and contribute. Let's embark on this journey of growth together, where we challenge ourselves, embrace innovation, and foster a supportive environment. Your experiences, expertise, and camaraderie are what make this community thrive, and I'm honored to be a part of it.

Here's to a future filled with shared learning and achievement!

Warm regards,

Iriam Damas

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Thanks so much for the warm introduction @Iriam!! Great to see so much enthusiasm. Seems that I only fell into the SAP world shortly before you, in 2006.
You will learn lots here for sure. Looking forward to seeing your future contributions and interactions also! The SAP Community Groups are a valuable part of networking, discussing and sharing! Be sure to take part in plenty more discussions and click on "Join" in as many of the public groups as you like - in order to be a fully fledged member and to receive notifications.

Best wishes for your journey! Reach out to me at any time in case of questions.

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