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Did you know that I ... (what do we have in common, how can we learn together!)

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Hi wonderful community members,

I'd like to get to know everyone better, more specifically what is each member's unique connection to the SAP ecosystem - I think that this discussion may allow us to do this. 

Did you know that I work in SAP Community on the engagement team. 

This means that I have the opportunity to engage every day, all day with community members. It is so great to work with community members as you educate each other, learn together, share best practices, answer / answer each other's technical questions and really just appreciate one another. 

Please share your 'did you know' & 'this means that.' Thank you!


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Hi ,Stephanie I spent 8 years of my career in sales and now after my good friend introduced me to SAP, I'm hooked. My question is, would I need to enroll in an IT college at 34 years old to be successful with SAP? Thank you.




@former_member140734 it is so great that you joined the discussion. I started with SAP at a consumer company many years ago. I agree - it is easy to get hooked. We encourage you to see what you like - here is some information. It doesn't seem you'll need to pursue a college degree unless this is your personal inspiration. 😄 @TammyPowlas May you please chime in?

You may want to check out: SAP Build for Citizen Developers (drag & drop)

SAP Announced Partnership with Coursera

Please join the career group to learn about valuable skills 

If you want to get a better understanding of SAP Cloud ERP you may check this out.

Please keep us in the loop on your journey. Many others I'm sure will chime in too! #learntogether #communitymatters

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@former_member140734 this caught my eye for you too! Compose and Automate with SAP Build the No-Code Way | SAP Learning

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Hi - it depends.  If you are working in a Finance / Accounting area, an accounting degree is useful.  But I work with colleagues everyday who don't have degrees - they were in areas of SAP Customer Service or Enterprise Asset Management.  I liked the resources that @StephanieMarley listed below.  I like the learning.sap.com site and the OpenSAP site at open.sap.com.  The world needs more SAP resources.  Good luck!


@TammyPowlas great! I'm tagging @Narasimha too since we just had some discussions around specifically Grow with SAP and how business people perspective. Thanks, Stephanie

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I feel if you are in an industry where you are using sap as a end user, go beyond your role, learn related sap stuff once you know how sap is used in your organization, then decide which module you liked the most. Then go to learning hub and learn the module