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Course Progress Error


In the process of changing my career, I recently completed a course: Outlining the Financial Accounting Overview in SAP S/4HANA, but on my SAP-leaning platform, it shows 5 of 6 units completed. Hence, I could not claim my record of achievement, even though I passed all the quizzes.

A ticket (676036) raised on SAP E-Leaning support remains in progress. @sveabecker @Katherine_K  SAP TechEd or anyone with similar experience, please,  what can I do to rectify the progress error?


Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Hi @F_M - sorry to hear that. 
I would recommend to ask a question in the SAP Learning Group to see if the colleagues can follow up on the open ticket and support you with course completion record.

Have you also joined the Career Corner to view opportunities there?

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I agree with @Katherine_K, I am very sorry to hear @F_M! But if there is already a ticket raised, we cannot do anything and can only ask you for patience to get the ticket solved or as Katherine suggested, try to connect in the Learning Group. Thank you, Svea



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Thank you! I have connected with the Learning group while waiting patiently to get the issue resolved.


@Katherine_K   your response is well noted with thanks!