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Can you remember the first time you heard of SAP

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Hello Coffee Corner folks,

when was the first time you heard about or saw SAP, can you recall those early carrier days of yours? 

By Today I completed my 10 Years journey in the SAP World 

#SAPCarrier #SAPLife


Thanks & Regards
Ruthvik Chowdary
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For me it was one fine day when I got to know about SAP through one of my senior colleague, from that day the Interest /curiosity towards the SAP began. Till today I am learning each and every thing with the same curious which I had before, still today I am not entirely into SAP projects, trying to get into main stream

Thanks for sharing @Nithesh1 - that's the beauty of SAP Community, you can continue to be curious and learn and grow! Also share with others and give a little back. What SAP topic areas are you most interest in?

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I am more interested in master data management or material management 

@Nitesh1 it is great to meet you. I am based in the US outside of Philadelphia. I am curious if you have experience and / or looking to get expertise in S/4HANA Cloud? Best of luck!

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The first time in my life I heard the word SAP was 2001 but activitely learned SAP in the year 2003 but got job in 2005 where SAP 4.6 C version I remmeber correctly ..Now it has been almost 22 years been in SAP world where travelled from 4.6 to Suite / S4HANA etc

@HARIKRISHNAM it is great to see you in the community. I have a similar background in 1997 when I was using R/3 in my job as a supply chain manager. May I ask if you have or plan to write blogs on S/4HANA or do you answer (and of course ask!) questions? Your expertise are great and I bet many will be pleased to learn from your experience. 

Enterprise Resource Planning Blogs by Members | SAP Community

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Yes I am planning to write blogs and answer questions on SAP HA / SAP installation etc

@HARIKRISHNAM great. Keep me posted!

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Hi Stephanie,

I am not sure following the right process but not sure why I am not able to create the blog under technology blogs by SAP

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Hi @HARIKRISHNAM - the reason you cannot yet write a blog post is because you are a new member of SAP Community since Wednesday. There is a wait period before a new member can write a blog post, and once submitted the blog post goes into a queue to be handled by moderators. Please also ensure that you have completed all steps within the Tour the SAP Community 2024 and not just ticked through to completion.

Thanks for joining our community! We look forward to reading your blog posts in the near future and hope you get as much back in return - which I'm sure you will!

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Hello Katherine!

  We have had offline chats about blog content moderation, and I wanted to share here about the 3 types of reviewers an author might encounter: moderators, owners, and curators. All content is subject to moderation; some topic spaces may have additional rules deemed by owners and/or curators. Did I get that right?

Hello Jim,

yes, but the owners and curators relate to SAP Community Groups only, not the general SAP Community blog boards - so the onus is on those roles in those "spaces" to review and approve content for their group. Helps to get the right content in the right space!

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Hi Stephanie,

Good Day !!!

I dont have suffiecient permission to create the blog ..what is the process and steps to be followed before I start or create the blogs.






My teacher in college showed a video of "The Cult of SAP" about how people were very aligned to the brand and went to conferences (course was Organizational Behaviour 100).  At the time I didn't even know what ERP was, definitely not what SAP was.  But this stuck in my head as the first time I remember seeing the logo.  A few years later I was doing software implementations for a small company and I was "poached" by an SAP Business One partner starting up in Canada.  I didn't exactly know what I was getting into but it sounded cool.  I flew down to North American HQ and did the level II implementation consultant training and then jumped onto my first implementation.  Have been working with SAP Business One since then.


It's been a good journey with SAP and all the best options it provides with the required standard functionalities. 


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Hello @Ruthvik 
I have started my journey with SAP around 1994 when I got in contact at my high school with the allowance as a business science student to install an early Version for SAP R/3. with that, I have also created a tutorial to teach other students in the basics of SAP R/3. 


best regards Roland
SAP first-guidance

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I first heard of SAP around 1994 in a freelancing magazine called "Freelance Informer". My thoughts were - that sounds interesting, but probably not something I could do. A year later I saw a job advert in the same magazine offering to train experienced IT professionals and applied.


I first heard of SAP when I was working in the accounts receivable and payables department of a large company in 2018. I was curious which services SAP provided for us. Little did I know from that moment, SAP would become a large part of my future career! #SAPLife

Glad to hear this @MontannaOwens 😊

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I first heard of SAP during a job interview a few years ago! Then my career pivoted to delve within the SAP landscape.

Thanks for sharing @JuanAlonso and good to have you in SAP Community!

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I first heard of SAP when I was working in consultant company and asked for a job in SAP! #SAPLife

Good to hear @HectorHerGar - and also good to have you here in SAP Community. Will you write blog posts?

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yes @Katherine_K actually I wrote one and it´s pending of review.




I have been part of SAP for a long time and like the standard functionalities offered by SAP.


Sohit Reddy Kalluru

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Great having you @Sohit_Kalluru and we are looking forward to your contributions here. You might be a great expert with such a long experience around SAP topics. 👍

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For me, it was in the university where I studied Accounting Information Systems. SAP was the software we used in classes to learn how to audit businesses. Now I am on the other side developing SAP solutions for businesses 🙂.

Thanks for sharing @atsuko_eguchi - it's good to have your experience here in SAP Community!

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Dude, I started in 2011 in SAP 8.8 , I got tired of programming in Cobol, Delphi, C# and other languages and entered the SAP world, since then I've been here helping everyone and working within an industry with the system.


Hello Everyone,

It was during my 3rd year of my Engineering college ,that i heard of "SAP" for 1st time, around 1997.

Then it was very high buzz word in the ERP industry. At that time, i never thought of any chance of going into it, but only admired it.

Later in July 2007 when I got an  oppournity in my organisation to shift into SAP, i was eager to go for it.

Thanks & Regards,

Umesh Karane.

SAP S4hana sales Certified Associate.

Since then it's been a roller coaster ride in SAP across 3 organisations, working on multiple clients for SAP implementation projects.




Dear all,

happy to participate in this community 🙂

First time that I heard about SAP (software and ecosystem) was in November of 1998. I remember the 'look and feel" session during the kickoff of the SAP project of National Bank of Greece (I was the team leader for implementation of FI-AM module and team member for the development of authorizations in modules [FI-AM, MM, PM, etc].

Aggeliki K.

Welcome @Aggeliki_K - great to have your expertise here. Are you from Greece? So far, we have a location group for Thessaloniki - set up by our SAP Community members. Feel free to check out our location groups and interest groups and join some conversations there.

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