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Advice from SAP Champions: Questions and Answers

Community Manager
Community Manager

Have you ever asked a question in the groups or in SAP Community and wondered why no one responded? Or are you thinking of asking a question, but you really could use some pointers on drawing answers from the experts?

My colleagues from the moderation team and I do our best to coach first-timers in the forums, offering tips on how to craft questions that lead to real solutions. And the community team provides several resources related to Q&A, such as this page and a tutorial, to help members with Q&A. But we also realize that sometimes it's best to get direction from actual community members who possess real-life experience in working with our Q&A platforms.

With that in mind, I'm happy to announce that our SAP Champions have made themselves available to guide members who are looking to improve their questions.

If you're unfamiliar with our SAP Champions, here's a quick intro: They are among the community's top contributors, serving as leaders and role models who help other members get the most out of their community experience. I can think of no better group of people to advise members who wish to have greater success in our Q&A threads!

Here's how this discussion works (and how it can help you): If you've written a question (or you're thinking of writing one), you can ask the SAP Champions for help by leaving a comment in this thread. Examples of comments that are acceptable:

  • "Nobody is responding to my question. Is there something I can do to make it clearer?"
  • "I'm new to the community. What type of information makes a question better?"
  • "People are commenting and answering, but I'm not sure they understand my problem. What can I do?"

In other words, you should come here seeking concrete recommendations on how to use the Q&A forums properly and interact with members better. You shouldn't, however, come here to repeat your question or ask for someone to answer. The point of this thread isn't promotion -- it's to help you improve your questions. Examples of comments that we would remove from this thread:

  • "Can you help me by sharing my question on social media?"
  • "Please answer my question."
  • "Here's the full question. Please solve for me here."

I hope that's clear -- and useful! So please feel free to participate. The other moderators and I will also be encouraging people to participate in this thread and alerting the SAP Champions when members are seeking assistance.


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