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Dear SAP Community Members,

The SAP Community Network not only offers a place for the exchange of information to its users, but also a platform for cooperation and global networking. The application areas, projects and the corresponding requests and interests are varied and multi-facetted, to suite the most various user groups. All these groups - whether customer, partner, employee, student or interested individuals from the public - are united under one umbrella with SAP's Community Network (SCN). The instrument of Gamification on SCN aims to motivate members to participate actively, giving them not only the opportunity to earn points and ascend at levels but also to learn and to share experiences with others. Intending to write my final paper on the subject of gamification and its motivational impact, I have created a concise survey which ask users how they asses the motivating impact of gamification on SCN. It e.g. asks how they would rate gamification and what they think could be improved. I would be very grateful if you supported my Bachelor´s thesis by participating in the survey. This will take no more than approximately 5 minutes of your time. Your personal data will be treated confidentially and anonymously. The results will be published in this blog once they will have been analyzed. Thank you very much in advance!

Click here for the Survey

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