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You're At the Center of This Story...
  Writer / blogger / analyst / commentator Robin Fray Carey of the collective "Social Media Today" did extensive research and just published a comprehensive whitepaper on our communities: SDN and BPX.    The paper titled "SAP: A Company Transforms Itself Through Social Media," is available for your reading pleasure.    I want to be sure you see this, as it's big news.    Also because it's part of a major trend that you should be taking notice of...  SAP is getting terrific positive attention for its work on SDN, BPX, an extensive blogger program, events such as TechEd'07 that extend our virtual communities into the physical world, and many other activities to actively facilitate and engage in conversation with our customers, partners, suppliers, and others in the ecosystem.   And most importantly, I encourage you to read this paper because you -- and 785,000 people (as of this morning!) ALOT like you -- are represented in this success.  Our community members are at the center of these interesting and impactful things we're doing.  
While You're There, Visit Jerry's Blog
  Robin's colleague Jerry Bowles wrote another blog I think you'll enjoy, called "SAP to Enterprise Community 2.0: We Get It" and which is quite interesting and positive (at least from our perspective... there's already some noticeable discomfort in other camps).   Both Jerry and Robin attended Sapphire in Atlanta, Georgia, USA last week.  They were in the "Bloggers Corner" program managed by Mike Prosceno, and I expect to see alot more of them both in the months ahead.  To see their and other bloggers' stuff from that fantastic and energizing event, check-out the Technorati tag: "sapphire07" 
Most Important: That Whitepaper!
Please read -- and pass along to others -- Robin Fray Carey's glowing and insightful paper on "SAP: A Company Transforms Itself Through Social Media."