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Recently we have seen excellent thought provoking reflective blogs from marilyn.pratt on Owning Failure

andjonathan.becher on Learning to be Successful.

Something which has been a curiosity for some time, we will have all seen and read interviews with

famously successful people where their past failures have been questioned, and especially from the

perspective of, if they did this again, or that again, what would they do differently ?

We've all seen those interviews, if you had your time again, what would you do differently ?

Reflection on past failures and successes, or alternatively, closer to home, post project lessons

learned, and improvement workshops are common practice in a lot of companies and some

people practice these same strategies in their personal lives.

The curiosity and question is, why wait for such questions and such a review at the end or after

the event ? Why wait until the task, project, activity, direction is completed before making such

a open reflective review on the approach and strategy and what can be done better or what could have

been done better.

The thought for the day is, why wait, why not take a step back from the big projects we are working on,

whether personal or private and take some time to reflect,

     . are we really doing the most we can do

     . if we did this task again, if we started it again, what would we do differently

     . what are we happy with and what are we not happy with

     . how can we repair and steer this task in a better direction

     . and pick up the task/project in it's current state and make those changes now

It is often easy to become lazy, sleepy in a task/project, whether personal or at work, and to get into

a kind of doldrums situation, hoping that the something else will happen, that the wind will blow stronger

and the task/project will gain traction.

Part of the solution to a doldrums situation is to keep the energy, stamina, patience and step back, and

have a look at the project and make those changes now, do those things now which you would do if you

did it again to make it better.

Everyday is a new day, and a new possibility to pick up what ever we are doing personal or work related

and do more on it and get more from it.

Today's thought is for everybody to pick something they are working on, personal or work related and

look inside and see if they can do it better.

All the best,


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