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We’ve made the move to the new SCN and many members just want to know where to ask their questions. In discussions of course*!

Discussions (formerly known as forums) are the place for asking and answering questions. First decide where you want to ask your question and for this you can use our forum finder to see a mapping of the old forums and where they were migrated to. There’s also the site index listing all of our 380 spaces.

Once you’ve decided which space to post in, use the handy create button found on the top right of the screen. Then click the discussion button:

Then enter the space you wish to create the discussion in based on the most relevant to the topic of your question. Now you’re good to go!

Please read our Rules of Engagement if you’re new to SCN and this rob.burbank/blog/2010/05/12/asking-good-questions-in-the-forums-to-get-good-answers for tips on how to create a good forum question.

Please also see my video blog for an overview of New SCN discussions.

:!: * In addition, please note that as we help our community learn where best to place appropriate content, moderators will be deleting discussions that were wrongly posted as a blog or document! Moderators will comment on the posts informing the authors that they need to recreate them as discussion thread. Then they’ll send them a copy of the question only and delete the blog or document. Any replies that were made on those blogs or documents will be lost so I urge everyone to be careful and only post questions as Discussions.