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Learn. Reputation. Connection.

More than 2 million members in the different job functions join the SAP Community Network, stay up to date with the technology trends and products. Explore how they benefits from the SAP Community Network.

"SAP has become more open and at the same time social media got widespread. This combination created a new situation, where experts are visible in social media (think of the SAP Community Network, LinkedIn, twitter, etc) and what is a nice trend that they are more and more willing to share knowledge and learn from others, whether inside or outside the SAP organization."

- Tamas Szirtes, Senior Netweaver Consultant & Partner, Intenzz 

"Don't be afraid to share what you know, what you learn along the way, etc. with your SAP Basis colleagues, friends and contacts or even in forums and sites like SCN and others.You'll soon see that the knowledge will get back to you, which will have you more prepared and discovering new things along the way.That's one of the reasons I love my job as a SAP Basis and why I love SCN and similar websites!"

- Antonio Barrote, SAP System Administrator, Lactogal

"You have no idea how many times I get in front of a problem that I am already familiar with only because of SCN. I must have read  tens of thousends of threads (well based on the fact I have more than 10,000 posts myself) and learned a bit with each one of them. So Yes, you give, you get!"

- Juan Reyes, Independent Consultant

'Self-evaluation by answering questions', 'To remain updated of the current happenings in SAP world', 'Reading blogs etc' and many others. If the team realizes the intention well there is no problem in informing others. Since the time I have realized why I am using SCN, which is mostly for the reasons sited above, I have kept my team and managers well updated of anything worth sharing e.g. HANA on AWS, Online Innojam etc. and they are well taken."

-Kumud Singh, Team Lead, NTTDATA