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I started using Camtasia when I was making videos for Reportapalooza back in the day. I immediately fell in love with filming and editing these goofy little videos.

Why do I like video? It is often easier for folks to digest what you've created in video format than in the written or even just spoken word. Video allows for non-verbal cues to come across to viewers so they know whether you are being sincere, snarky, or jovial without having to try to gather that out of your text.

Here are some examples of how you can engage your audience and network with online videos.

  1. We've know for a while that videos are a great way to train people technically (as with Reportapalooza) but they are also a great way to connect with people. 
  2. It's also a great way to get your name out there. Many of our SCN community leaders thrust themselves into the limelight by participating in the #SCNotties, a pre-TechEd online video competition where everyone gets judged but no one is found wanting (regardless of the inadequacy of their accent).
  3. It's also a great way to drum up interest in your community events. Last fall I decided I'd try to encourage people to prepare themselves for a fall conferences (TechEd or SBOUC) and ended up creating four themed videos on the subject (Agenda, Schwag Shelf, Superheroes, and -- by far the most popular -- Flashcards)
  4. Sometimes you can't make the big conference, though, and you just want people to know you were thinking about them.
  5. Videos are also a great way to win things, such as this entry into one a contest that SAP Analytics hosted.

This isn't to say there aren't risks, most of which involve future employability and the fact that the internet is forever. In any event, get yourself a camera (or use the one in your phone) and start sharing.