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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Since we launched the new SAP Community in Open Beta at SAPPHIRE NOW, we have received a great amount of feedback on various channels. Our main channel is the SCN Open Beta space here in the good old SCN. With your contributions you have helped us focus our efforts and make improvements. We've rolled out already two releases since SAPPHIRE NOW, and the next is already scheduled for June 23.

Tag and Content Aggregation Improvements

The latest enhancements will include improvements for Blogs, blog moderation, Answers, Community Topic Pages, and navigation.

To refine search further (and to tie the content to more relevant topics), primary tags will be available for additional product lines such as SAP Fiori, SAP HANA, SAP Lumira, SAP Manufacturing, and SAP S/4HANA. On top of that, to get even more specific with content identification, we're adding three new metadata classes: Operating System (OS), Database, and Product Function.

This tagging is crucial to the new community topic pages, the platform's main method for consolidating content around a single topic. In the current version of the beta platform, the Browse Community page still includes static content. With this new version of the platform, this page will become dynamic and tags will be more relevant, allowing users to browse, filter, and search for community topic pages.

Bug Fixes

In addition to the new functionality, we fixed several bugs throughout the platform. For example, searching in Archive and Answers will now return results. Also, notifications about new moderation requests will contain the correct link to their moderation queue.

To see all of the latest bug fixes -- and learn about the latest features -- please bookmark the SAP Community Release notes page and check back every two weeks for updates.

Blog Post Migration

On June 21, prior to this upcoming release, we also plan do to another migration of blogs from SCN to the new platform. As a result, some existing content (such as blog posts created in the test system) will be wiped out. This is an unfortunate side effect of the beta phase, but especially the quality of the migrated content has a high prio for us, and we need a couple of iterations (and your collective feedback) in order to get it right. I dearly hope this will not prevent you from posting test content into Blogs. Old SCN is still the place to post blogs to reach the regular SCN audience and make sure that your blog posts get properly transferred into the new SAP Community platform.

The migration will affect other areas as well. All content from your Profile, Activities and Notifications will disappear (we need to clean that up too). Blogs that you created in the beta system will no longer show up in the My Content section, but your SCN blogs will be available there afterwards (roughly 12 hours after migration is complete).

The SCN blogs will also appear elsewhere shortly after migration, such as within the Recent Blogs section of community topic pages. The migration itself will require roughly two to three hours, including importing of blogs and reindexing of content in search.

If migration will wipe out some of your content, please spend the next couple of days wrapping up your corresponding test activities. While you may lose content with the new release, the latest version of the beta platform will provide plenty of new opportunities for even more testing. So check out the new features and fixes on June 23, and, as always, please continue to give your feedback. Your input is helping to shape the community experience that you want!