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"Catch them young and see them grow" is the crux of my post and its completely leaning towards highlighting Social Networking and Social Media as an enabler for Students, Teachers and University alliances to go mainstream using the powerful Social Media Platforms.

When something becomes popular and has a great outreach, there has to be a way to tap the most of it and draw parallels into our areas.

When the corporate world is seeing huge success and revolution in the way businesses are being done today with the help of the web and Social media, why not use these platforms to help “our students, our future” on-board these channels, become savvy witty and approach the corporate world when they are ready with a greater intellect.

The graphic below is my mash from an article from ikonoclash.com and shutter stock images. According to ikonclash’s report “In the European Union (EU), 77% of people aged between 13 and 16 years and 38% of the children aged 9 to 12 years have registered a profile on a social networking site”.

   In the last few months we have seen huge traction in this area, posts from mentors like @nathomson @sylviasant @chiprodgers and many others.

In addition, the creation of a completely new Category on #SCN "Social Networking and Social Media" has demonstrated to the external world, what DNA for success it becomes necessary to be on-boarded to some of these platforms.

If you have clicked on my Blog and are still reading it and have read most of the blogs under that category, it simply means that you are Social Networking and Social media hungry and its a hygiene factor for you to be tuned into the "How and what" and are here to mine the most of it.

However most of us know the significance of these platforms and have incorporated into your daily lives, @nathomson Blog has also given a direction for people that start, but quickly get lost and how to strategize your time and identify what works for you.The specified item was not found.

@sylviasant Blog clearly shows how you can showcase your content inside any community that you choose like an artist "How to Give Your Community Content More Exposure !"

In today’s Blog, we will discuss an all new dimension to the subject, we will take it to the little ones that can make the most out of it, if you have guessed correctly, am referring to the "people in the making" our torch bearers for tomorrow, "our children ->our students -> our future"

Note: by little ones, am not trying to burden the bags that are already full with home-work. 

Am referring to a genre of people that are looking for answers such as

1) Which Career Path must I choose, what are the available career categories?

2) Whom should I ask?

3) How can I analyze and take a decision?

4) How genuine is my research?

5) Where do my strengths lie?

6) I want to identify a mentor to guide me?

7) Can it be taught to us like a curriculum elective, so that it becomes part of our available time?

😎 Any university alliances exist that can mentor me from the initial stages

The central theme of the Blog will be around understanding the various platforms/channels that are available and what platform is suitable to what age group.

Though there are multiple platforms, but for students and aspiring career professionals, the following Platforms would really be highly beneficial and easy to understand and on-board.

After reading each block, Students, I want you to become more savvy and do some home work on finding out the use and relevance of each of these banners and get yourself registered and move some of your note-book stuff onto these.

Don’t loose focus on what you need to do to stay ahead of the competition, but at the same time don’t ignore these platforms. 

Important Point for Universities, Colleges and Councils that influence the Student community

1)       Help create these platforms as an enabler to ensure that students are made aware of the platforms available to collaborate, learn and decipher educational content in a different stream

2)       Create meaningful partnerships and alliances using these platforms so that a global concern gets addressed without much marketing effort via other channels

3)       Chinese whispers could prove fatal in decision making situations, so its important to drive these communication patterns and the resulting decisions from the top by having Social Media as a governance mechanism

4)       Put rules and disciplinary guidelines for moderating and sharing content so that spamming can be cut up-front and the discipline is driven my the students and not content moderators or administrators

5)       Recognize contributions and evangelizing patterns that are a result of using these platforms to uplift the outreach of eduction.

6)       Making informed career decisions, taking corrective and preventive actions as a student : All of this account to Corporate Social Responsibility of tomorrows future : the Students

7)       Provide a Career Platform and a Category for individuals that like to make the platform itself an informed career choice 

The platforms most important to students and university alliances would be

¨      Social Networking Platforms

¨      Social Book-marking Platforms

¨      Social WIKI Platforms

¨      Social Video and Sharing Platforms 

Now lets understand each of these Platforms with a very easy to understand table, am sure our students can understand this very easily and apply immediately.

Note: In the Charts below, the Column: "Voice of the younger community" symbolizes

 - “What students are looking for on this platform”

or “How Universities can support students using these platforms”

or “Student issues that ocould be addressed”

 1.0 SOCIAL NETWORKING PLATFORMS – students love fun amidst study, so nothing better than these can lure them and at the same time make them witty


2.0 SOCIAL BOOKMARKING PLATFORMS – Students love to read, write and share, nothing can stop their ideas


3.0 SOCIAL WIKI, VIDEO & PHOTO SHARING PLATFORMS – students love to express, what more than video or pictures can do that, a picture is a thousand words


I am sure that our students would have definitely understood the meaning of this write-up and would be desperate to get their hands on these banners and tune in their academics to orchestrate their chain of thoughts into the dimension of Social Networking and Social Media.

With SAP University Alliances already driving the thought leadership in that direction using these powerful platforms to induce success criteria’s in the next generation, we can see more such educational alliances drawing the focus towards Social Networking and Social media into their DNA for success.

Students…feel free to follow @tridipchakra @nathomson @sylviasant @SMMagic @BtoBSocialMedia and more on #twitter.

Am sure there will be more, but your homework is necessary to get you acquainted and have that competitive edge and career advantage

All the best in your academics and Social play 🙂