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Back in the "old SCN" (and I can say that with feeling now, since the "Beta" label has finally been removed from the Jive 5 version of this community network), one would sometimes try to post a message and find it was unpublishable due to the use of one or more "banned" words. While the list of bad words was never officially made public, since one had to remove single words in an attempt to get past the filtering software, it was fairly clear what was not allowed.

The current SCN now apparently has a similar trigger mechanism, though not necessarily with the same nix words, and while I have not caused any warning messages myself (yet), a presumably different message may appear, given the platform changes. In this story, I speculate on the 7 words you can't say here, with a humblest tip of the hat to the master of saying what others could not or would not, George Carlin.  To try for a fun level, rather than just a bizarre tempting of the rules, I'll censor the words you might not be able to say myself.

  1. ****** - that word that was encouraged in the beginning of SCN, tolerated during the middle, and shunned by the right thinkers lo these many years.
  2. ****-******* - saying this word is likely to trigger the jamie.oswald feline video, or tweets in that direction.
  3. ****** - another word similar to number 1, but more universally offensive by standards of taste and restraint. If I had to guess, I'd say this one is probably in the SCN Urban Dictionary (links to wit below).
  4. ***** - The first letter is capitalized.  It's a given name of the public enemy number one, at least in some enterprise software circles. In other circles, it's just another ego.
  5. **** - This one is likewise camel-cased, but it's a word not generally found in English usage the way it's been used for years by the Germans. No longer valid in common or high tongue, replaced by another camel-cased word, once promoted by a smart guy now on his second or third career after SAP.
  6. <bowdlerized> - I found this word on SCN, literally, while I was working on my last blog, and it stands for other words dumbed down or watered down for the occasion. Again, the reference link follows.
  7. *** - I saved for last one of the terms in common use for years, still heard in many hallways during crises. It's all upper case. 

George Carlin

The content of the link that follows is "NSFW" - not safe for work.  As it's an external link, I'm not posting anything potentially offensive (language-wise that is) here.  And I'm going to split the link so that you can't get there without trying.  This stuff was funny when I was a teenager.  It's still funny now, though there's a bit of poignancy at this time distance from the 1960s.

http://law2.umkc.edu/ faculty/projects/ftrials/conlaw/filthywords.html

See, also: FCC v. Pacifica Foundation


1encouraged in the beginning of SCNPOINTS======
2feline videoGAME-CHANGER
3see scn urban dictionaryURGENT======
4no 1LARRY=======
6stands in for all other words<BOWDLERIZED
7all capsOSS=========

Moderator Classic

This blog has had under 100 hits since the new SCN cutover (and wiped the prior page views statistics). Go read it. Now. Then get right back here.

Thoughts from a Forum Moderator

Urban dictionary


Buzzword Bingo


Google search -

bowdlerized site:sap.com

(Two hits on that term as I write this, and, eventually three, after I publish it. Unless that word is banned now too)


To quote a colleague, who shall remain nameless, "#$%$."