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When you would like to have engaged customers and audience at all, the most important thing is start listening to them. However, unfortunately audience is not something you can born with… I mean, it is quite understandable that you feel inconvenient when about to do your first steps on social media, you know that it is going to be hard work to get there, but secretly we all hope of getting tons of fans with our first actions.

Yeah… No one does. No one seems to care. Even if you know the right thing to do, and do it, people will not see you, simply because there is too much other stuff to look at. Impulses everywhere and the sons and daughters of 21st century learn to keep on track and not get distracted by anything on the information superhighway.

Well, just think about it, how many people tries to sell in the same category as you do? I guess someone has already written many blogs about this stuff I am doing right now… If I really plan what to write here, it is the same, but then I´ve lost more time, so I just do it and learn through the process. Not much time to spend with it, but still, some points are clear by writing it.

First of all, every time, you have something to show. If you are not giving signs, you lose all the chance to be noticed, clear. But if you start with something not so valuable, show them that you are here, you want to do it, than some will eventually realize your effort. That´s when you really have to start focusing on the outstanding value.

It´s like magic: when you practice, you can do small mistakes you can put half effort and experiment. But when you´re on the stage, well buddy, you have to give at least what the spectators expect. I know, there is no behind the curtain part in social media, but if you shoot your best and most expensive tricks for just a few of them, you won´t have anything new when it really counts.

So just get on the stage, see yourself from a new perspective, experiment! People lead you if you connect with them, you will see the feedback, and the bad ones are not something to be afraid of. The audience will forgive your mistakes if you learn from them, but you cannot learn if you don´t try…

Step by step

Interestingly a quick and lucky research of mine proved: the herd-effect is perfectly applicable in social media. When managed to find a twitter account with 9.000 followers, which stopped posting a few months ago, I could finally test my theory: when you have enough fans, that by itself will attract more.

Without any activity, in 2 months this account lists 1.200 more followers. Why am I telling this? Because this is a showcase for the third sequence of the social media lifecycle.

- First: You have to suffer for every single reader, giving valuable content but thinking on the long term…

- Second: When you have a basis, you have to let word-of-mouth marketing burst out. Give them content they can never forget, build up your name!

- Third: You can relax. You already know the stuff, the effort is gone, it´s rather entertaining. You create something every now and then, but most importantly: you react, interact and lead the conversations. People will talk to you, ask you and you can be successful by listening to them.

Sounds good, doesn´t it? J Well, I am in the first part; from here it is quite hard to keep on going. This is where most of us give up. On the other hand I can just do things, I can learn a lot by writing down things like this, and surely, increase my visibility, which is the most important in the beginning.

Therefore, think through your content strategy, and start from earlier. Give an introduction to the market, go step by step, and don´t be afraid when you slip. Social media can´t overthrow nations and companies. People can. And they won´t do that with you if you don´t deserve it!