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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Good news: IT has restored the text filter that allows you to search for content in a space.  This search field appears under the content tab of every SCN space and also the main content feeds (SCN short URLs for main content feeds😞

Type to filter by text is really useful when you want to find what you looking for in a space that contains hundreds or thousands of discussion threads and other useful resources such as blog and documents.  For example, if you're not sure if someone has already asked and answered your query, you can just drop in a keyword or two related to your questions to filter for content results that match.  You can narrow the result set further by selecting other filters, such as Discussions + Answered Questions.

Some of you may remember using this useful search tool when the New SCN went live in March: it was disabled a few months ago to preserve site performance.  Now that it's back, it joins external search engines (such as the custom Google search) and the SCN site search as your options to search for content and more on SCN.

Quick Guide

For those of you unfamiliar with filter by text, here's how to use it:

  1. Navigate to the SCN space related to your query's SAP product or topic
  2. Click the content tab
  3. Enter a text term to filter the results
    • You can also apply other filters such as selecting a single content type: Blog Posts, Documents, Discussions*, Polls
      • *When selecting Discussions, you can also select another filter to to see All, Open or Answered Questions only

You'll notice Type to filter by text appearing in other places beyond the content tab, such as in browse by people and SCN spaces:

Happy searching!