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Active Contributor

Congratulation to the SCN Community for their 10th Anniversary :smile:

I came to know about SDN in 2010 when I started my IT Career.

In 2010, SCN Contribution Recognition Program was announced but I did not participate in SCN that time

SCN has helped me a lot to enhance my knowledge. It is a great place to get your queries answered and to learn about latest changes in any SAP Technology and especially when someone wants to learn about new technologies like HANA.

I always used to search for content in SCN but I never used to log in or participate.

SCN introduced "Gamification" this year and it motivated me to start contributing and give back some of the knowledge that I learned through the community. The badges are really cool.

I have seen that SCN community members are very helpful and always ready to answer our queries.

My blog on learning HANA has been very well received and I am very grateful to the SCN Community for liking my content and encouraging me.

I was happy to see my another blog being featured on SAP Homepage.

I am also happy to say that now I am a part of 12-month Leaderboard in both HANA Spaces.

I really like the BIF initiative started by moshe.naveh

Through this initiative, we have come to know more about SCN members and it has made SCN an even greater social platform.

You can read my BIF here .

Now SCN  has become an integral part of my daily routine and I enjoy being a part of such great community.

Now I try to help the Community and I'm on my way to be a Platinum Contributor.

I think that SCN will keep helping us and it will keep getting better every year with new badges and new ideas.