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Hi Community Members.  Well, after an extended hiatus, the SCN Platform Update blog series is back.  This will be the fourth installment, and the main purpose is to provide you with the latest platform updates.  A lot has happened since my last update, almost too much to summarize here, but let me try to point out some key items.

Registration and Sign-on.  A number of enhancements have been made to the registration and sign-on process.  The focus here is to simplify the user experience so that it is easier for you to get logged in and connected to the community, and to standardize the registration and sign-on across other SAP web properties.  This is an ongoing effort.  So, stay tuned for further updates.

SPAM.  If you are unaware of any SPAM content on SCN, then that is a BIG compliment to the Moderators and to the SCN and IT teams.  All websites have their share of SPAM-ers, and SCN is no exception.  Over the past couple months we have seen a dramatic uptick in spam content, and we have responded in force by beefing up our moderation and applying various fixes to the platform in order to stem the creation of spam content.

Gamification.  Back in February, chip.rodgers announced that Gamification is coming to SCN.  The SCN and IT teams have been feverishly working to deliver this technology.  Stay tuned for further updates.

As I mentioned in previous platform updates, we utilize the SCRUM development methodology and perform deployments on a three-week sprint cycle.  Here is the summary of the latest deployment and what is to come.

Sprint 17: Deployment Date: Sunday, April 14

New Features

  • Community Everywhere is a feature of the Jive platform that enables community content to be embedded into other websites.  We are beginning to introduce community conversations into the product documentation.  The performance of this feature is currently being evaluated.  Keep an eye out for further announcements.
  • SPAM, spam, spam, and more spam.  Lots of enhancements to support better content moderation.
  • Gamification.  As mentioned above, the teams involved are getting the system ready.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: User does not receive an e-mail after completing the registration. A separate a-mail should come after the user completed the registration.
  • Fixed: User Can Set Himself For Approval On Document, Circumventing Moderation Process
  • Fixed: User has the ability to bypass the moderation of documents and blogs (via Edit content)
  • Fixed: Moderation Controller Interceptor Doesn't Work As Expected
  • Fixed: Unauthorised Message When Creating A Discussion While Being Moderated
  • Fixed: Documents and polls can be visible to other users even before they were approved by moderator
  • Fixed: Draft Documents and Blogs are Published when Approved in Moderation Queue
  • Fixed: S-User Is Able To Edit Locked Fields In SCN User Profile
  • Fixed: Remove IDS Login Switch Artefacts
  • Fixed: Remove 1 Pixel Border Around Form In Discussion Create Page
  • Fixed: Styles for user autocomplete popup
  • Updated Omniture code to track social medial clicks.
  • Investigated SOLR reindexing issues

Sprint 18: Deployment Date: Sunday, May 5

Sprint 18 we will continue to work on the following items.  Note that the items in this list represent the key items that are being developed.  There is no guarantee that they will be ready to deploy at the end of the Sprint.

  • Gamification updates
  • SPAM controls and moderation enhancements
  • Remember me to automatically log you in.
  • Sign-on via Twitter and Facebook
  • Move newsletter preferences from the old business card to the new SCN user profile.
  • Show the Space Moderators and Space Editors under the People tab of each respective space.
  • Performance monitoring is a continuous task.
  • Numerous bug fixes.

The next SCN Platform Update will go out after the Sprint 18 deployment.  Stay tuned.

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