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SAP Community Network has become a part and parcel of everyone’s life who works on SAP Products. The new SCN has shifted the community network to an entirely new level. I would like to call it the best community network compared to any developer community network. The new SCN is more people oriented now as it has grown more like a social network.

Features like maintaining a profile, following others, collaborating in spaces, profile pictures and avatars, notifications has made everyone feel that it’s more people centric. Everyone has got some identity in the network. It has become easy to identify people and their abilities, activities and contributions too. I can name at least a dozen people of my space and I’m able to remember some their valuable contributions as well and so do every one of us. SCN has developed a healthier professional relationship among its users

And I think it is time to take individuals identities within the network to outside the network making it reach widely. Already SCN has made it possible to make people identifiable through URL similar to Facebook and Twitter.

The SCN link fareez.ahamed uniquely identifies my profile similar to my twitter on http://twitter.com/fareez.ahamed. We are able to share our Twitter or Facebook profiles in our blogs or websites. ‘Why not SCN profile?’ I would like to suggest an idea named ‘SCN Badge’.

An SCN Badge should be generated by the user from the SCN, similar to the follow button generated using developer.twitter.com. And we can add the code to any website to place our SCN Badge there. On clicking the badge you will be taken to the corresponding persons SCN profile. I tried to imagine how an SCN Badge could be. I have added the image here.

This will make SCN reach a lot of more people than what it is doing now at the same time giving the members of SCN an identity. I would like to have everyone’s view on this and if it is feasible and expected by all of us, SCN would try to do that for us is my hope.

-Fareez Ahamed