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Hello SCN Community:

Being a Student SAP Mentor for 2015 has been quite a rush and A LOT of learning. After finally deciding on and designing what project I wanted to undertake I came up with 'SAP Success Stories'.

What is SAP Success Stories?

'SAP Success Stories' is an initiative that aims to highlight and promote the successes within the SAP community. The project outlines what has made being a part of SAP a positive experience, what you have learned during your time with SAP, contributions you've made to the community and much more! In summary it is a platform to highlight yourself, share experiences, and express interests that you have developed and made throughout your professional career.

How do you partake?

There are multiple ways of going about completing your 'SAP Success Story' :

1) Complete the Google Form linked below (easiest way):

SAP Success Story

2) Write a blog with questions from the Google Form (make sure to tag Sam Alexander [myself] to ensure that feedback can be monitored). Tag a friend, colleague, or other SAP Member to pass forward the initiative.

3) Contact myself through SCN or via comment on this post to set up a short AdobeConnect/Skype interview/talk to get to know one another and share your experience with SAP!

Whats the point?

Information and data will be collected and analyzed for trends in success, hardships or changes that SAP members wish to make. This feedback can be used to innovate the community, partner colleagues based off their success, make new connections and over all just share your story.

Looking forward to hearing about your success!

Sam Alexander

Student SAP Mentor 2015

Mentor: arif.0603 - Who has been an incredible help!!!