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In our About Us space, we are providing advice to members of SAP Community Network who want to get more deeply engaged. In my opinion....

....these days, the BEST way to get more deeply engaged with members of the SAP Community Network is to add a connection or two to our major social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and You Tube. The format of each of these channels can add dimensions to your interactions with other members – the rapid, conversational pace of Twitter exchanges, the career-building focus of Linked In…you know the story.

But, you say - the new SCN platform allows for much more immediacy that it used to. So why do we need these social extensions too?

My point of view: Our members are on these Twitter, Facebook and other social sites, “in conversation” with other professionals on topics related to SAP, enterprise software, careers, training, expert tips and more. So, SAP’s SCN community team should be there too, sharing what we know and the content on our site. We realize that your important conversations won’t always be on SCN.

"Getting some great insights to #SCN from @markyolton - so much thought leadership in this network! Way before its time..." - Ben Johnson, Marketing Manager: Services & Solutions ANZ Region SAP,Twitter, May 7, 2012

Many of our most active members seamlessly weave participation in SCN and our social channels together – it’s a big part of the daily chatter. Connections deepen here, as everyone from newbies to power users meld their SAP world with the rest of their social networks.

We have large followings on these channels:




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Twitter (@sapcomment, #SCN)



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Linked In


13,000 members

You Tube



So how do you get started connecting with SAP’ers and SCN members?

Try these lists for starters:

I’ll see you on Twitter…..let us know what this adds to YOUR SAP Community experience.