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The third SAP Community Coding Challenge has come to a close.

A BIG thank you to everyone who took the time to participate in the challenge. We hope you had a lot of fun and learned something new along the way!

Before we announce the winner, let’s not forget about our 6 finalists thalesvb, sharadha.k, dawidl, simon_wabnig4, 7a519509aed84a2c9e6f627841825b5a, and engswee.yeoh. We want to pass on our gratitude for sharing your knowledge with the community and congratulate you again on being selected as a finalist.

Now, let us introduce the winner of the challenge.

You voted and picked a winner – Congratulations simon_wabnig4! Your awesome Java skills have won the heart of the SAP community.


Please join us in congratulating Simon on his win! As the winner of the coding challenge, Simon wins the coveted no-prize and of course the unending adulation and admiration of the community of fellow developers.


This wraps up the SAP Community Coding Challenge #3! Please make sure to keep your eyes open for another challenge coming soon!

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Congratulations, Simon!
Active Contributor

? haha thank you to everyone who voted for me and special thanks to you annajung for the challenge!

I learned a lot about unicode and emojis ?
Active Participant

Great Job, Congratulations!

Congratulation! I learned something from you and refactored my code :D.
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Hi Simon,

I am working in sap process integration middleware. I should process emojis in sap pi 7.31 single stack using java mapping. I don't know which emoji jar files will support java mapping in the sap process integration. So please could you help me with this issue?.

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I mean which jar files I have to use