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My favorite comment when introducing new SAP Mentors is: Wow, I thought they were already mentors. 😉 When I shared the list of new SAP Mentors internally I got that reaction again and I hope you will think the same once or twice when you are going down the list.

I want to stress again that these are not SCN Mentors, but SAP Mentors. We look at it from the larger SAP ecosystem perspective. A good example is

Paulo Roberto Da Silva, he may not have many points on SCN, but rather is active in the business/ASUG side of things and therefore a perfect complement to the current Brazilian SAP Mentor Wolfpack.

You may go down the list and think: "Oh I know who should be an SAP Mentor, next round I am going to nominate her, after all she is amazing in the SAP space and a customer too!", but then life moves on and you forget. To capture these epiphanies we have opened up and hope you fill out the Nomination Form for SAP Mentors Fall 2012 today.

It is one of my greatest honors to announce the new SAP Mentors Spring 2012:

[Ordered by last name in decending order, as all their lives they used to be last on the list and had to wait ;-)]

sufw/avatar/46.png?a=1162. We especially want to encourage customers, regions that are underrepresented and women to join.

There still may be one update coming, keep an eye on this post.