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Do we need to control posting of multiple documents on same topic? (by different members

I do not think so.

The reasons:

The first document on a topic is also a repetition for the fact that, SAP-help has this already.

We can never be sure about the first document submitted on any topic will be the best one.

We can not afford to discourage members from posting their knowledge.

Also we need to invite different presentation skills, which help needy members to understand quickly.

Multiple posts on a topic increases the search finding probabilities


Then a question arises, even if we want to control, can we do that?

Then  another question, why should we do that , when so many benefits are there in having a topic having multiple documents.

I also feel that a document-topic in any way should not be confined to a single space, in case even a small relation exists. Many new members and non-members do not have idea about how many spaces are available in new SCN, and hence will fail in reaching their topic.

Having said this, I feel,

It is very important to qualify documents to be admitted.

Also it is very important to rate these documents

And the search results should show in the order of their ratings.

Well, whose rating it should be? That is topic for another blog.  Isn’t it?

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Jogeswara Rao K