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Community Manager
Moderator Spotlight is our way to show appreciation to distinguished, enthusiastic SAP Community moderators. It also gives the moderators an opportunity to speak openly to Moshe Naveh, the manager of the moderation program for SAP Community. There are no preset questions -- just the topics that come up via an IM discussion. As a result, Moshe and the moderator can tackle a variety of subjects spontaneously, gaining and giving insights about the community matters that interest moderators most.

John Leggio has been selected for this quarter’s Moderator Spotlight as he is a very diligent and caring moderator. John is a moderator for SAP BusinessObjects topics and EPM Add-In for Excel.


Moshe: What was your first job after university?

John: I joined INEA company that was later acquired by SAP right out of university in 2003.  We were a small startup that was acquired 4 times over. SAP was the final acquirer and hopefully the last ?.

Moshe: What is your expertise and role?

John:  I have a math and business degree with a Master's in Information Systems. My expertise is on planning and forecasting solutions as well as business process analysis. My current role at SAP is support architect covering the SAP Business Planning and Consolidation and SAP Analytics Cloud (formerly known as SAP BusinessObjects Cloud).

Moshe: What do you most enjoy in your role?

John: Helping customers become successful. Our vision is to delight customers always and I have used various channels and approaches to try to meet this vision.

John: Moshe, what is exactly your role?

Moshe: This is a tough question with a job like mine. It's like asking me what does it mean for me to be a father. I will probably never have a full answer to this question. It keeps changing and growing as my kids grow-up or new ones join the Naveh club. Lia is almost 2 years old, Segev is almost 3 years and they are both expecting a new brother any day now (already born in the meantime). As a father, I don't care much about the official/cultural guidelines. What guides me in whatever I do with respect to my children is based on epic love and empathizing with them. That becomes challenging after sleepless nights, though ?.

It's the same for when it comes to being a community manager responsible for community moderation and the Q&A platform (together with Mynyna Chau).

My top priorities are:

Q&A- To ensure that users can ask questions, get answers, and easily find answers within existing questions. We know this became more challenging with the launch of the new community, and we are working with our UX and development teams on constantly improving this experience.

Moderation- Support/empower moderators to moderate

There are many ways and projects in which we address these goals and new ones are added every day. So yes, I love my job and its variety (and of course the community ?).

Moshe: What do you remember as your biggest career success?

John: I wouldn't say I've had one big career success but many smaller successes along the way. For example, I started out as a consultant and helped some very large companies go live with different planning and reporting solutions.

Moshe: When did you become a moderator?

John: I became a moderator shortly after joining Product Support in 2010. Being a moderator helps me learn what our customers are trying to do with our software and it also gives me a chance to help customers with their problems.

Moshe: What would you say is most efficient to get a quick response to your question on the community?

John: Providing the right amount of information and context to a question or a problem will help us narrow down the issue or provide a solution, suggestion, or approach to resolve the issue.

Moshe: What do you think about the new community?

John: Although the new community has had some hiccups in the past, I am seeing more and more customers and partners come back to start using it. The camaraderie and help that people provide through blogs, articles, and questions, tells me that we are all there trying to help each other in this global village of ours.

John: How do you see the role of the moderator in the new community?

Moshe: The community today is in a new environment that users need to get used to. I see the role of the moderator more than ever is a supporting figure to help users familiarize themselves with the new features and guidelines of the new community. I believe that rather than sticking only to the ROE we need at the same time to be forgiving and supporting to users to find what they are after even if at the first time they don't fully follow the rules of engagement allowing them to improve the next time they engage.

John: I would agree with that.I also want to add; the number of new features and enhancements has been great and I hope that trend continues.

Moshe: What do you find interesting in analytics?

John: I like the relationships between different values (statistics). For example, what influences one variable based on another variable. Now we have the data and processing power to prove things right (or wrong).

Moshe: What I love about analytics is the story it tells and the decisions it would help you make. I think it's an enormous tool when you know how to use it. It helps to prove value. It's many time a mirror.

I would like to end our conversation by thanking you again for your great work as a moderator and for this enriching conversation.



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