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Active Contributor
Last year, what never had seemed possible, was made possible:

Merging SAP Community accounts.


Earlier, there was the thing with SAP Universal ID , and after some inconvenience (no SS0 via SAP Passport anymore), I got used to it and am happy and fine with using SAP Universal ID now.

I didn't care much about account merging back then.

But now, in the wake of SAP Community ending (right?), an being moved to SAP Groups , there was that message that we might loses content in that move:


This made me think again about documented professional expertise, past and present contributions to the community and control over my creative, published work.

And now I do care about account merging.

And: I seem to already have done 1 simple, successful merge.

I want to share a bit about it here.

So what I had been having for years(?) already is this:

4 Accounts that are linked to each other;
3 Of them are also part of my SAP Universal ID.

Here is the view of @joachim.rees3 before any merging:

Pre merge view

What I did then is this:
1. Set one of my accounts as primary (P20*) - @joachim.rees2 ;
2. Also, set a new profile picture for @joachim.rees2 (I think having - different - pictures helps me not to confuse stuff)
3. Started the merging process , getting the other P-account (P19*) merged into it.
4.. When I looked a it today, it was done. And now the overview looks like this:

Post merge view

- Blogs (there where just 3) where taken over
- Followers and Following was taken over
- Also (most) badges where taken over.

As of now, looks fine with me.