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Members of SAP Community Network rely on it to learn product knowledge, develop new SAP skills and stay up to date with technology trends. Hear what excites them about LEARNING on SCN:

" SCN has been the main information source for me as a consultant"

" SCN helps me make my recommendations to clients and provide solutions better suited to client's needs
- Ying Sun, SAP Solutions Consultant, Ouest Business Solutions

"Everyone cannot know everything…SCN is a good place to start..”

- Ravishankar Ramamurthy, Consultant, Mphasis

"When I have any SAP-related questions, SCN is the first place I go"

- William Li, Solution Manager, SAP

"I must have read  tens of thousands of threads (I have more than 10,000 posts myself) and learned from each one of them."

- Juan Reyes, Independent Consultant

" I am so pleased that people are so willing to share their knowledge and experience so freely! Love it! ”

- Zimkhita Buwa, Independent SAP BI/Strategy Management Consultant

"According to me, SCN is the best place to learn and share our views and help others. ”

- Sumit Samaddar, SAP-BW/BI Consultant, TeamLease

"It helped me a lot to understand SAP’s implementation strategy and today I am still learning on SCN.

- Jansi Rani Murugesan, Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

"The common knowledge of community grows and it help customers to learn and adopt our products"

- David Brutman, Developer Relations, SAP

"We learned a lot through SAP Community Network...it's helpful to stay involved with the community to drive adoption"

- Tammy Powlas, Senior Business Analyst, Fairfax Water

"The community is always so helpful and supportive that I always get my questions answered"

- Nic Doodson, Head of operation, Keytree

" As part of the first lesson in my course, I ask each of the students to register an account on SCN. Students will be able to know more about SAP enterprise, SAP software, and new technologies on the market, recent events and UA career blogger. ”

- Xin Shun Guo, Professor, Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade

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