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Community Advocate

Thanks for tuning in to hear about our new groups. Groups are an integral and important part of SAP Community for many reasons. “Location groups” enable you to connect and collaborate with local peers in your region, in cities from across Asia, the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East and Africa. From application development to enterprise architecture, Career Corner to Coffee Corner, Women in Tech to SAP Builders, our “interest groups” are connecting members across topics of interest and initiating lively discussions around each. All year long you can find key information in our “activities groups” about events like Devtoberfest, SAP TechEd and SAP CodeJams to name but a few!

What new groups have been launched?

The latest groups all happen to be location-based. We are really growing in this area with more and more community members wanting to get involved and get engaged! Check out the following:

  • Chennai - Join the Chennai group to connect with experts and peers, start discussions, share experiences in blog posts, find events, and learn from the community.
  • Kiel - Moin Kiel! Willkommen beim Netzwerken im echten Norden. Use this group to stay informed about local community events and get to know the members better.
  • Kolkata- নমস্কার and hello! We invite you to be the part of the Kolkata community to exchange knowledge and help each other with latest SAP insights and industry news.
  • Melbourne - Welcome to the Melbourne group! Stay informed of local SAP community events, get to know your fellow local colleagues, share knowledge, and build connections.
  • Milwaukee - Welcome to the Milwaukee group in SAP Community. Find out what's brewing in discussions, blog posts, and events happening in the state of Wisconsin.
  • Prague - Welcome to the Prague group! Connect with local SAP experts. Here you can have discussions, read/write blog posts, and find events. Čeština je zde také vítána!

Why isn’t there a group already for my location?

Location groups are requested by YOU – the SAP Community members! If you live in or near a city with no corresponding group yet then you might want to request one that you could manage. Read about location groups and contact us at community@sap.com if you’re interested to find out more.

How do I stay in touch with what is happening in my region?

We recommend the following ways:

  1. Click on “Join” to become a member of a location group near you.
    In general, you can join as many public groups as you like. Read more about why should I join a group
  2. “Subscribe” to a location group near you to receive notifications – if you don’t want to become a full member. Watch this how-to video.
  3. Bookmark the Events board in SAP Community. 
  4. “Join” the Welcome Corner to get regular updates from your SAP Community team.

Want to stay in touch and find out when new groups get launched?

Be sure to subscribe to our New Groups Launched label, here in the Welcome Corner. 

Got a question about groups in general?

Please feel free to leave a comment below or reach out to us in private at community@sap.com.

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