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It gives me immense pleasure to receive "Thought Leader" badge on SCN. It is a great privilege to receive such distinction and glad that I was the first person to receive this wonderful badge :smile: . I really did not know that I was the first person to receive this badge. I thought some other members might have been achieved this badge. But, I only came to know this when, laure.cetin has thrown a challenge Find out who is SCN Thought Leader! (a challenge) to our community to find out the person who has received that badge. It is a different matter, by the time I read her blog, somebody has already answered her challenge :smile: . This shows how the people are active day and night on SCN. It is really fantastic and fabulous that SAP has created wonderful platform like SCN. SAP should really feel proud for the vibrant community created through SCN. Probably, SCN is the only platform, where thousands of people meet on a daily basis to share their knowledge.
I am very glad, in no time, I have received the same badge "twice" and now "thrice". It is a great pleasure and privilege for me. I can surely confirm without the help of the community members and their constant support / encouragement, I would not have reached this rare distinction. For me September, 2013, looks a great month. Incidentally, I have been selected as Member of the Month for the month of September, 2013. I should sincerely thank laure.cetin for selecting me as Member of Month. I can understand how difficult job it is to select one member, when there are many more eligible people around in our community. I cannot take the credit of this Member of Month Ravi Sankar Venna - SCN Member of the Month September 2013, as it clearly goes to all the community members, who inspired me with their motivational and encouraging words.

Wiki Says, "Thought Leader" is an individual or firm that is recognized as an authority in a specialized field and whose expertise is sought and often rewarded. Good to know the definition of "Thought Leader", but, if somebody puts their enthusiasm, passion and patience in helping the community members, I am sure they are going to be recognized as "Thought Leaders".

People might be thinking that I have received this badge three times, but, all this credit goes to our ever motivating community members. In this regard, I am dedicating my three times "Thought Leader" badge to all our Community Members. When we have wonderful community and amazing members around us, we should always feel proud to be part of this vibrant community. There are many people who constantly encouraged me during this process. I should personally thank each one of them. The most important thing, which helped me to achieve this is to answer whatever question posted at me. I cannot refrain myself from answering, if somebody asked a question or if there is an open item in my "communications" folder. Furthermore, I cannot refrain myself from following somebody in return if somebody sends me "following" request. This is the minimum courtesy that should show to my fellow members on this community, whether they are new buddies or experts.  It is always great pleasure in trying to see each question / comments in its own spirit, could it be small or big. Every member on this forum is going to post a question with some expectations. If we are ready to meet their expectations, then surely, they would remember us forever.

Writing "Technical Blogs" would be much easier compared to attempting something which touches the human sentiments and feelings. While writing such emotional blogs, it is always required to wear the shoes of different audiences. Unless we feel, it is really not possible to put the words on the paper. Some of those feelings come as thoughts when we are in the half sleep. Then our mind should brain storm around those thoughts and put them on the paper. I am fortunate enough, there are number of people who encouraged me in many ways. If I cannot mention their names through this opportunity, then probably, I am not doing justice to my blog. susan.martin has encouraged in many ways when I posted my blogs / comments in certification / careers area, jarret.pazahanick to reach my blog to the wider communities on the globe by sharing through networking sites, jon.reed for his most thought provoking comments on my blogs to give me much more inspiration, thomas.dulaney to encourage me from the core of his heart, marssel.vilaa2 is always encouraging and translating my blogs to other languages, tammy.powlas3 through mentioning that she has similar like me on my BIF Blog It Forward - Ravi Sankar Venna, chirag.shah9 for constantly encouraging my each and every post on my blog, jitendrakumar.kansal for his motivational words on my blogs, midhun.vp for his cheerful words on my blogs, narasimhulu.konnipati and muralibabu.nallamothu2 through their encouragement many times, vinod.kumar25 and kumud.singh for introducing me through the BIF. There are also many other wonderful people who constantly encourages and inspires me on a daily basis, which I might have forgotten their names and I am very sorry for that. Without all your efforts and encouragements, definitely achieving this would not have been possible.

I always believe it is really not required to have great amount of knowledge to share your knowledge, but you should have a wonderful heart. Everybody is having tonnes of knowledge however, the time, patience and helping others is the main problem. I have seen many knowledgeful people, but they are so hectic in their lives and really no time to write something for the community. If you believe you all have that wonderful feelings to share your knowledge and help our community to grow further then surely you would be recognised on SCN. There are many people I always admire on SCN for their wonderful commitment, people like jrgen.lins and guanghui.du. I was having pleasure of competing with them for SCN top position in 2009 for few months. They are fantastic and helped the people beyond boundaries with their unwavering commitment. I would strongly believe we have so many such wonderful moons and stars in our community to make our SCN sky more shining :smile: . We should always feel proud of those people, who are with us by giving their helping hand.

During 2009, I was very much committed at least for 6 months, mostly contributing on weekends. Later, I became inactive for few years, though answering not that frequently. It was mainly due to different commitments at that point of time. But, now I regret for not being fully active for all these years. But, it is always part of life and we need to accept it. Now when we see many young guns :smile: are answering the people and giving their wonderful helping hand, it is always a great and happy feeling to look at their commitment. There could many technical forums / websites on the internet relating to SAP, but I believe SCN is the most vibrant in terms of sharing knowledge, comrade feeling and helping each other. During the initial days, I can still remember, SDN was more of solving technical problems in the forums and lot of technical articles / blogs / wikis. Now, I can clearly see there is lot of changing in the dimension and I could see lot of spirit. The spirit among is people is amazingly increased and the participation of members in BIF is one of the great examples. The whole credit should goes to moshe.naveh. With his wonderful idea, he has transformed the whole spirit of SCN. You can witness this though Blog It Forward (BIF) Chainhow many people have joined this wonderful journey. It gives wonderful opportunity to all the members to know much about cultures, personal details and many more things, but not just SAP. :smile:

When I was introduced to new team members on the project, they says they never met me before. As soon as I said my name, they recognize me as a person from SCN, who contributes a lot. It gives me immense pleasure they are recognizing me through SCN. Probably, if SCN is not there, I do feel that I would not have known to many people on this globe. There are many linkedin requests, Inmails comes to me on a daily basis as request and suggestion for their career / problems in their daily work. I hardly know those people. But, I never say "NO" in helping their queries, it is one of my weakness (may be strength?? :smile: ). It is a different matter, I never know nearly half of my linkedin connections personally, still, growing :lol: . I could surely say, I have so many professional connections across the globe, only because of SCN. At the end of the day, I have not earned any money or gold mines :wink: , it is a great personal satisfaction for the work that I have done on SCN. Whenever, I go outside of home, I always feel that the world is so small and I am the best, my heart says the whole force of SCN is behind me :smile: . Its wonderful feeling and you all should feel now :smile: .
When you are really committed for SCN and intending to share your knowledge, sometimes, you may have to do lot of sacrifices, your time, your family, kids and skip meeting with some of your friends. But, when you get the applause from the community members for your help, then you are going to forget all the sacrifices you have made. Probably, this is the only thing which has inspired me. The kind of respect that you are going to get from the fellow members is one of the real motivation for many members in our community. Without their encouraging words, it would really not at all possible to give your best. Even if tomorrow, you go to some other country or continent, people would recognize you by your name on SCN. That personal satisfaction is very precious and invaluable. Fortunately, SAP has created such wonderful platform for all SAP Consultants. At one point due to other commitments, people would become inactive. But, still they would feel very happy for their contributions and they would proudly share this with their children or grand children. What other special or satisfactory feeling you can expect from SCN?
Before concluding, the following qualities would immensely helpful in making much wonderful SCN Community.
  • Helpfulness
  • Share knowledge
  • Courtesy
  • Enthusiasm
  • Passion
  • Patience
  • Motivating Others
  • Commitment
  • Proud being yourself
  • Believe in SAP
Therefore, I can proudly conclude that our community members helped me to share my knowledge. Whatever credit I have received is the credit of our members. I can reiterate that without their support and encouragement, I would not have achieved anything on SCN. Hopefully, this encouragement should continue and help each other on SCN, make it a more vibrant community. Now, there are more than 2.5 million members, which itself is a great proud moment for SAP. I am sure and confident that these members are to be increased further in the future and our community would be a benchmark in the future. I sincerely thank each and every member on SCN for making our community a great world. Keep up your high spirits. All the best for our members.