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We all blog or read blogs on SCN. It's a great way to to share information, ideas and thoughts with the community. I have to admit, I am new to the contribution side and am still getting the hang of it. However, I know from my experience in North America Marketing that we all know how to kind of how to write a blog, but most of use don't know how to include the best words and phrases to get our blogs found by the masses! If we were able to get more of the outside-SCN population to sample SCN's great content, the we would be able to grow the community!

With that thought in mind, I found myself at a neighborhood Harvest Party last night in Drexel Hill, PA that was well-attended by many people that I had not previously met. It was a great venue held in a cool little court area in backyard. However, with the right combination of cider, bonfires and live music, we all became friends very quickly. As I have experienced over the years when meeting new people, a great icebreaker is “what do you do for work?” I asked that question first this time, like many other times, and found myself surrounded by attorneys, most of whom were in one- to five person firms. Like most business owners, this group of attorneys appeared that they were better at their craft than they were at marketing. Thank goodness, since I am a better marketer than an attorney!

This challenge of skills became even more apparent as the conversation spun on. I found that each attorney had some degree of a digital and social marketing presence, but it seemed disjointed causing underperformance by all.  Some had a blog, while others had a web site and a few others had both marketing properties. When the question was posed to me and I answered that I worked with SAP help drive our awareness to help businesses run better, they were intrigued. They wanted to know how to use social media to help THEM run their practices better. I had their collective ear!

What Good Are Keywords And Blogging To Marketing A Law Practice (or software solutions)?
Now, I was holding court! (I have been waiting to use that line for such a long time!). Someone asked, “what good are keywords and blogging to marketing a law practice?” I noted that the common denominator across all business was that content is king. 60% of customers and clients are searching for content to help them make a decision on what business to choose or resource to reach out to make their business run better.  That searching applies to whether you are a law firm or a software sales company! This statement intrigued each attorney. I think they realized that if they could get their content in front of their potential clients at an earlier place in time, then they could have more prospects as well as establish themselves as though leaders.

But, how? Now, the discovery begins!

The social media conversation moved from dismissing the use of tweets to promote a law firm to how to create great content to be found by clients searching for a solution to a legal problem!  I was not prepared to go too much deeper into the conversation, given the time that was needed. And hey, time is money, right? And I figured that this was my “free consultation”. However, I told them I was happy to demonstrate a few easy ways to make sure their web and blog content for their your can work  harder for them! The idea was to show them how to use a tool to get an understanding what potential clients where searching for on Google, so they can use the same terms to get their content found more easily!

5 Steps To Finding Your Best Keywords
Here are the 5 simple steps that I advised to help create content for their blogs and social media that will help them be found easier. You too can use this advice, substituting your relevant words for your blogging:

Step 1. Open Up A Google AdWords Account. Google AdWords lets you get under the hood to find the best words to get you found! It’s easy to set up a free Google AdWords account. If you have a Gmail account now, you are even closer to doing it!

Step 2. Find the Keyword Tool Under Tools and Analytics. After you open your account go to the Tools and Analytics tab to the drop down for Keyword Tool. This choice will put the engine at your fingertips!

Step 3. Enter your relevant terms around your topic area of SAP or SCN expertise. Using my new attorney friends as an example, enter words like “family law” and “Philadelphia Attorneys” and then click “Search” to generate words in the “Keyword Ideas” tab. These are the start of a collection of words that you should consider strategically placing in your web content, blogs and social media to be found … since there are the words that your prospects are searching.

Step 4. Investigate more relevant terms around your niche. You can go deeper into your research by using Google’s Ad group ideas tab, which will group key words around more refined niche areas.

Step 5. Download your words to begin to think about how to integrate them into your SCN blog. Create a ranked (by local monthly search counts), ensuring you have a mix of popular and less popular words.

The concept is simple, make sure to weave in the most-searched words in your blog title and throughout your post to drive greater reach and inspire greater click-through-to-SCN readership, which will ultimately grow the community!