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Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Hey everyone! It’s time for that end-of-month new groups summary! The SAP Community Groups are global and available for all members of the community to enjoy. You can join as many of the open (public) groups as you like. We also have closed groups available to relevant target audiences only. For the closed groups, you must either be invited, or request to join – based on approval from the group owner.

I'm excited to announce the following new location groups!

  • Istanbul (open) - Welcome to the Istanbul Group. Connect with fellow community members in discussions, share your experiences in blog posts, and find SAP Community events.
  • Shanghai (open) - The SAP Community has 3 million members and most of the content is based in English. We launched the Chinese discussion community "Shanghai". SAP customers, implementation partners, employees, enthusiasts, etc. can gather together to share and discuss issues and knowledge about SAP products and promote SAP exchanges.

In addition, we have launched 3 location groups for HXM user groups:

Two groups that aren’t new, but are hot right now – yes, it’s that time of year 😊 – are:

  • SAP TechEd (open) - Join the SAP TechEd group to start conversations and interact with fellow community members, share experiences, and discover conference details and highlights.
  • Devtoberfest (open) - Join the group to register for Devtoberfest 2023, learn, and earn the chance to win the grand prize.

Be sure to click “Join” in any of the public groups where you would like to become a member. If you’re up for taking part in the #Devtoberfest contest – you MUST join the group to take part.

Join a group.png

Thinking of requesting your own group?
To request a group or get further information, please reach out to community@sap.com. You can request a new location group, and just so you know - they are always city-based! The SAP Community team will reply or set up a scoping call with you to determine your requirements and next steps to proceed, based on approval.

Got a comment or question?
There are lots of ways to get in touch! Please feel free to leave a comment below – send a private message – or reach out to us on community@sap.com

Stay tuned to the Welcome Corner for further updates! Join or subscribe today!