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Idea Place will freeze starting Friday, September 15, as its content begins migration to the Customer Influence site -- meaning you'll be unable to use Idea Place Product Sessions starting on that date. This migration will end on Monday, September 18. From that point on, eligible ideas in the SAP Community Idea Place session will be available in Customer Influence, and you'll go to that site to vote for and submit suggestions for features for SAP Community. You won't be using Idea Place Product Sessions any longer, and any bookmarks for Idea Place Product Sessions pages will redirect to the appropriate areas within Customer Influence.

For the most part, all of the SAP Community ideas (which will be called "improvement request (IRs)" in the new site) will make the move, and the status options in Customer Influence will be fairly similar to those you've seen in Idea Place. There are, however, some changes. For example, the Archived, For Future Consideration, and Needs More Info statuses are being retired. Ideas with one of those statuses won't migrate.

Beyond that, Submitted, Acknowledged, Under Review, Accepted, Planned, Already Offered, Delivered, and Not Planned will remain pretty much the same. Existing ideas with those statuses will migrate to Customer Influence.

If you'd like additional information about this move, please check out "Idea Place Product Idea Sessions are migrating to Customer Influence" from kuhan.milroy, the head of Idea Place. In this blog post, Kuhan covers the overall migration and explains why it is happening. In my blog post "The Move from Idea Place…and a Move Toward Greater Transparency with Features and Fixes," I get into the specifics of how the migration affects SAP Community. In the same post, I introduce the Features Requested and Issues Reported page -- yet another source for details about bugs and feature recommendations (including those from Idea Place.)

If you want a closer look at Customer Influence and even more info about the migration, you can watch the recording of a Webinar that Kuhan conducted. You can also read the meeting notes "A @SAPCommunity Call: Idea Place Product Session Migration Webcast Recap – Hosted by @SAPMentors" blog post -- courtesy of tammy.powlas3!

To those of you who participated in Idea Place -- submitting suggestions, voting on features, and commenting about the ideas -- thank you so much. We hope you'll continue to keep the ideas...er...IRs...coming in Customer Influence. And if you never used Idea Place, we hope you'll get involved with Customer Influence and share your ideas.

I mean IRs.

That's gonna take some getting used to...

Oh, one last thing: If you'd like to influence...um...Customer Influence, you can submit your IRs (hey, I'm getting better at this!) for:

Please keep the feedback coming!