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As per my subject you should already surmise that what topic it will be. Yes, I am going to give an illustration about the point system, a part from this blog post Let's Get Some Perspective. As per some existing documents (like SCN Contributor Reputation Program FAQ), you may be able to understand that how you can earn points in SCN. But somehow you may can’t understand that how your point can be reduced. You may be able to understand that your point can be reduced when a discussion owner will unmark your reply as correct or helpful. But there are many other reasons that can causes of point reduction. Let me give some points about the same. Here you will find how and why your point got reduced.

Correct or Helpful answer can be unmarked by a space moderator:

This circumstance is quite same for the instance when a discussion owner unmarks your reply as correct or helpful. Generally, moderator doesn’t unmark any reply as correct or helpful which has been marked by discussion owner. It is an infrequent instance when moderator will unmark a reply as correct or helpful. It happens when a discussion owner mark a wrong answer as correct or helpful.

Example: Suppose, you have posted a reply in a discussion and somehow this reply is not related to this discussion but discussion owner has marked your reply as correct, then when a moderator notice it, (s)he can remove the correct answer from this reply as a result you will lose your 10 points which you have earned.

Of-course this is very logical. Why a reply would be marked as correct which is not related to this question. This will create lots of confusion for further readers. Then think, how a moderator can concede a wrong reply as correct answer for a discussion.

Think again before marking your own answer as correct or helpful:

I have seen many peoples have lost their some points when they mark their own answer as correct which they didn’t earn yet. As per SCN design, you know that you will not be competent for any points if you mark your own reply as correct or helpful. But you can lose your point if a moderator will unmark the reply as correct.

Example: Suppose you’ve posted a discussion, then you’ve got some reply, but you can’t able to find correct answer from all these replies. Then somehow you got the correct answer by yourself. You’ve posted a reply as “Issue resolved” and you’ve marked your this reply as correct answer. After sometime, you can see 10 points has been reduced from your account and your correct answer has been unmarked. Then you must be thinking that “how my points got reduced which I haven’t got yet”. Yes, again this was done by a moderator. Moderator has unmarked your correct answer which you have marked as correct for the reply “Issue resolved”. You know that a simple reply as “Issue resolved” can’t be a correct answer, you should explains the solution in details so that any further reader can read and understand the solution as well. Please read the blog post for a brief illustration Are you a responsible person in SCN?

Discussion removed or rejected by space moderator:

Before discuss about this topic I would suggest to read the document as well Why my Discussion got rejected and what to do next ?

Here you can find how and why a discussion got rejected by a moderator. If a discussion has a correct or helpful answer in the meantime, then before reject this discussion, moderator unmarks all these helpful answers as well as correct answer.

Example: Someone has posted a discussion (it is a basic question) and you have given reply to this discussion, discussion owner has marked your reply as helpful (or even correct) and you got the reward as 5 or 10 points. Then if a moderator unmarks the reply as correct or helpful, then you will lose your points which you have just earned.

This is also logical. Why you will be able to receive points to answer a basic question. Basic question does mean it was discussed many times in previous, so it should not be discussed any more. This discussion owner should have to search in SCN for his query. So, whenever you will see a basic question, please press ‘alert moderator’ instead of answer this question. This way you can help moderator to keep the forum clean.

Re-posting a blog post or document:

As per the design, if you post a blog post or a document then you will get 10 points and if the blog post is rejected by moderator, then you will lose 10 points as well. But if you re-post the document or blog post after edit, then you will be not eligible for any points and then if this document is again rejected by moderator, and then you will lose another 10 points.

When a blog post or a document got rejected, then there should be a specific reason for that. You can able to find the reason in your action tab. Read the reason and do accordingly. If you think you need to modify (according to the reason) the document or blog post, then do not publish again this rejected blog post or document. Create a fresh blog post or document for the same and delete the old rejected document or blog post.

Do not violate any rules of engagement:

There are certain rule of engagement has been given by SCN team which you need to follow. If you try to violate any of these rules of engagement, then after a certain time SCN team will give you some kind of punishment and that can be a result of losing points. As you know, your every single step is noticed by SCN team, so please do not violate any rules of engagement and be a better member. If any points removed by SCN team, then you will be able to see this in your reputation – expertise tab as below screen:

These are the basic reasons of the question why my point got reduced. Rest, you can find everything in your profile reputation tab. SCN will store every addition and reduction of point in your profile. You just need to find out that. Every addition will be recorded into your reputation – history tab, and every reduction will be recordedinto your reputation – expertise tab. So, whenever you will face any issue about point reduction, please read this blog post first to check how point can be reduced from your account. If you do not able to find or understand any reason, then raise a new discussion in SCN support forum.