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"Reading what other customers said about these products (SAP BusinessObjects Portfolio) gave me confidence that the products would work as promised. It's uncensored, so we could trust the information and move ahead with confidence."

^Michel Poupon, Studies Manager at Hamelin


Whether you are new to SCN and wondering what's in it for you, or a seasoned active contributor who knows the ins and outs of SCN, success stories provide important and useful insights for all of us.

For the team here at SAP running SCN, success stories are like applause for an actor; they make it all worthwhile and are a reminder that SCN can make a real impact in people's professional and personal lives.


What's New?


Over the last couple of months, we've done a complete revamp of the SCN Success Story Center. We removed all the clutter; out with the old and in with the new.


I'd like to invite you to visit the new SCN Success Story Center, which is now structured to present the value of SCN as told by: customers, partners, analysts & influencers.


Embedded in the Success Story Center, you will find a URL to the eBook of Quotes & Testimonials. This eBook is a document that gets updated a couple of times a year, with the next update due in time for SAPPHIRE. It comprises customer, partner and analyst quotes, as well as analyst reports in an appealing and easy to read format. This way, we can keep the Success Story Center nice and clean by focusing on the big stories, while presenting the rest of the success information in the eBook.

We are just now working on the next version of the eBook and would very much like to include your quote. Please send it ASAP.



As the Success Story Center can be updated on the fly, we always welcome your stories or leads for stories. Simply email me at Natascha.Thomson@sap.com. I can promise you that I will "sing your praise" and promote your approved quote or story through internal and external SAP sources.