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Everybody on the SCN Team wants our site to be the best possible.  oxananoa.zubarev and I have been assigned the responsibility of organizing the suggestions so changes can be made to SCN.

There is one area to put in your suggestions or to vote on existing suggestions: SAP Community Network Improvements.

In SAP Community Network Improvements, you should search to see if somebody has already made that suggestion...If they have, you should vote for it.  If you don't find it, please enter a new "idea".  Every suggestion should be entered as a separate "idea"...Bundled suggestions need to be broken up into separate "ideas" so they can be acted upon.

The items in SAP Community Network Improvements that get the most attention are the items with the most votes.  The first question usually asked by the SCN Team during our weekly review sessions is how many votes does a suggestion have.  In other words, it is extremely important that you vote for the features you want.

Reading though other blogs and discussions, I see suggestions about SCN.  Although valuable information, it isn't being captured in a way that the community can vote and act on your suggestion.  Please add them in SAP Community Network Improvements.

If you have any comments or questions, you can add to this blog or direct message me.