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Let me explain some ways to build invaluable connections that will help you be more successful in your SAP career using the NEW SAP Community Network.

If you’d prefer to watch a quick video covering the same points, find it here.

Start with a robust profile of your own that includes all the topics and characteristics you want people to know about you. 

  • Make sure bio tells your story
  • Follow content and places that you want to use to find other like minded members.

Now it's time to make the NEW SAP Community Network work for you!

  • You can see who else is following the content and places you follow and connect to them.
  • You can activate actions of receive email communications or track in communications to find out when someone posts on this content or place.

  • You will start to notice common bloggers in your area of interest. Take a leap and leave a comment on what you think of their conclusions. We are all learning so feel free to let them know if you agree, disagree or think that another point should be added-let the conversation continue in the comments. They will respect you for having an opinion. The same is true for discussions.

  • The next step is to blog or start a discussion yourself. Make sure you tag it so it is brought to the attention of followers of the space you want to attract. They will then connect with you.

Remember, real connections are built when you start engaging. Welcome!