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I decided writing this BIF when I was wondering around the pages of scn and saw huseyin.bilgen, building a sand castle in his  BIF. I really apreciated the idea of BIF and started putting some notes on the pages of my OneNote (I like taking notes on it and searching through pages always).

About Me

Let me introduce myself first.

I was born in a western city of Turkey, Balıkesir in 1972. After a lovely and good childhood started primary, secondary and high schools in my city. I graduated from them one by one and went to study Computer Science at Eagean University in Izmir. That was the start of English Learning also.

I started my career as software developer and worked till my manager asked me to be a BASIS Admin. At those days I was also thinking to change from development area to administration area. It was milestone for me. Since then I have been studying as a system administrator. Let me say with another words as Technical Consultant.

My first SAP project was very delicious project since it was for a chocolate and candy company's project.  I have been involved in many SAP projects as BASIS team member and team leader.

I had certificates of SAP Technical Consultant and OS/DB Migration.

I have been working as a trainer also. Trained many students in more than 15 SAP BASIS related courses like TADM10-12, TADM70.

I wanna share some of my principles also.

  • Be helpful to mankind everywhere in every condition
  • Each problem is an opportunity
  • Those who attend to the good side of everything contemplate the good. Those who contemplate the good enjoy life.

I wanna share some photos from my life.

Let me put my beloved flowers Beyza and Emre to the first place with a scenary of Camlica Hill in Istanbul. :smile:

My current colleagues. Here is a picture from our office. We are all at breakfast.

My first SAP project's BASIS team members and our consultant.

Another pic from my first SAP project. Other BASIS team members with their uniforms.

This is the picture of my friends when our favourite team Fenerbahce was the champion.

This is the picture of the BASIS team in one of the my SAP projects. Great guys.

Here is my friends at our university.

When I was cutting my friend's hair. I had done this for years. This profession was backup. :cool:

This is the champions photo. I was the defender in the team. It was difficult to win among 30 departments' teams in my old company.

We were the champions. Oley. :lol:

And some photos from my city Istanbul;

A photo at bosphorus with my colleague near 2nd bridge.

A picture from Tulip Festival at the Camlica Hill. Festival takes place every April and you can see tulips all around Istanbul. It becomes a colourful city.

And Answers to the questions.

What do you think are the key elements for a successful project?

Off course sponsor first. If there is no good sponsor forget about the project.

Team is in the second order.

And management and organization.

What was the most fun project you ever participated in and why?

My first project was the most fun project, because we worked in an office in the chocolate factory. :smile:

What do you enjoy most in your work and why?

I enjoy helping people, solving their problems in my work. This gives me pleasure, happiness.

Forwarding and Questions

I would like to forward BIF to the following members:

  • alitaner
  • veli.deli
  • fatihyar
  • mustafa.somer]