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Thank you kumarmayuresh!

Towards the end of B.Tech, I was sure that I would choose Telecom as my career. I wanted to make full use of what I had learned in B.Tech and not choose an IT job and deviate from it. Core telecom companies did not show up in Campus placements and I decided to do Masters in Mobile Communications. That's how I ended up doing M.E in Communication Systems in Anna University. It is one of the premier institutes ranked 7th in India.

Once I entered M.E Communication Systems, I understood that this is not for me! All the other students were looking to make a career as professor. The subjects did not interest me and I found it tough to even clear the exams. After M.E I tried entering the telecom Industry but in vein as I lacked the experience.

Then I finally got a job in a telecom company in Kuwait as Technical Solution Engineer. The job was good in the beginning then they wanted me to work in pre-sales and marketing which did not interest me as I wanted a technical job. Once my official visit visa got expired, I left the company and came back to India on a job hunt. My brother-in-law's brother told me about SAP and suggested to get a certification in SAP.

SAP certification changed my life for good! Applexus was the first company whose interview I attended after the certification and I got selected. I love SAP and I now feel that I was born to do this!

  • What do you most enjoy on SCN?

       I like answering to peoples queries in SCN. Sometimes, even if I don't know about a certain topic I Google it or search other threads and post in SCN and I feel good when I solve a particular issue. I do post blogs which are usually criticized but I still love posting them and learning from every post!

  • Share a crazy fact/story about yourself that people don't know.

       I love singing and dancing even though I am very bad at both!

  • What was the most fun project you ever participated in and why?

         Project STAR(Smart Transformation at Reliance) was a real fun project and I just loved the experience. It is the biggest running SAP project in the world and the amount of technical and functional consultants working in that project was huge. I got so much exposure and was working on developing a custom SAP module which was awesome!

I am blogging it forward to michelle.kemp and maya.bahar

My Questions to people who I am forwarding it to:

  • Why and how you got into SAP?
  • The best and funniest gift you got for Christmas?
  • Your strength in SAP?
  • Your favorite SAP mentor and why?