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Hi Everyone,

Good Morning / Good After Noon / Good Evening / Good Night (Trying to be at all the places where SAP is present - i.e. entire globe :smile: :smile: :smile: )

I was blogged forward by Blog It Forward - Moshe Naveh, thanks to moshe.naveh for motivating me to write my first only blog on SCN since i joined the community.

My name is sourabh.jain66, i am currently working as a senior supply chain professional at Bristlecone INC.

It was not very interesting a start i had of my career, it started with market research, boring, dull, and with lots of data :sad: :sad: after i completed my management graduation - good old graduation days - becoming nostalgic :smile: :smile: .

Though i was doing a lot of quality work in my market research job, but the kind of creativity i have was not fit for that place, so i started looking something interesting outside walls of market research, which were covered with lots of data and statistics. I should not say all this :???: - or should I :razz: , after knowing that i am an Electronics Engineer :shock: - they love all this data thing right, what do you people say? i would still say - that place was not a good fit for me :cool: . 

Then there was a big change in my life, i met this guy who was very interesting, crazy, full of creativity and challanges (come on guys :wink: , talking about SAP :lol: :lol: do you guys agree?)

My lifes most beautiful and interesting journey starts with SAP, no more dull data now, got to know how actually businesses functions, got a chance to improve them with my advice and SAP, lots of creativity and lot more challanges during this whole journey so far, which is around 6.5 years now.

Started with SAP SD (which i used to say is the most interesting module SAP has :smile: :smile: ), but then i got introduced to SAP APO three years ago, which i now say is the most interesting thing SAP has :wink:

This is how i used to look before SAP and now


                                    Before SAP

                                NOW - after SAP

looking much better now - right :smile: :smile:

Now i would like to answer those very important questions, which moshe.naveh asked in his Blog It Forward Community Challenge d

What was your dream job as a kid?

Always wanted to be in ARMY all my childhood, broken my arms and legs so many times tried following army soldiers seen on TV, at last gave up and started following mathematics :smile: :smile:

What is your favorite place inthe world?

My home is my favourite place in the whole world, where i live with sweet wife - Neelam and a very cute kid - Bhavya

They are my world.

What was the most fun project you ever participated in and why?

All of the projects i have worked on till now has been fun, really can't take one over another as fas as fun part of it is concerned.

In order to get the ball rolling I will "Blog It Forward" to all my team members at Bristlecone INC:

(Be sure to follow the Blog It Forward Chain to be notified when they update the link to thier BIF blog)

ninad.tawade, snehil.pansari, vinay.raghuvanshi, kovil.nimje, arun.negi, deepalok.roychowdhury, ravish.harimittar

and your questions are;

  • What do you like in supply chain and why?
  • What do you enjoy most in your work and why?
  • Your most memorable moment in life with reason?

See you around


Sourabh Jain