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Hi Everyone,

A Big Hi to all :smile:

I  was blogged forward by Blog It Forward - Moshe Naveh, thanks to moshe.naveh for motivating me to write my first only blog on SCN since i joined the community.

My name is Pavithra Balasubramanian and I'm working for Capgemini as a SAP GRC Consultant. Happily working in SAP area for the past  6+ yrs.

I am basically a M.B.A Graduate , and started my career with SAP Security  followed by MDM Security, GRC 5.3 and now working in GRC 10.0 Application. It always been interesting to work in SAP :smile:

My motive is to KICK OFF the "Blog It Forward" initiative within Capgemini colleagues.  BIF is a new and exciting blogging challenge on SCN. One blog will start a journey in which we will get to know our community members like we've never know them before.

Now i would like to answer those very important questions, which moshe.naveh asked in his Blog It Forward Community Challenge

A fun fact about my country:

If you look into India's history you will see that India is filled with many interesting facts. Indians have always been intelligent and creative. It is one of the oldest countries in the world.India is a land where people from different cultures and religious backgrounds live together as a nation.

Indian people are found to be very friendly and caring. They like spending time with their families.Many different languages are spoken in India but still one can communicate with people through the national language called Hindi.

What do you enjoy most in your work and why?

SAP platform always offers many New and exciting Opportunities.

What was your dream job as a kid?

I was interested to become a Journalist, but ended up to be SAP Consultant which is more nice than that :smile: .

In order to get the ball rolling I will to "Blog It Forward" to my team members:

Moshe Naveh ,Venu Puthussery, Rajan Yadav,Sanjay Badhai,Jayant Tomer,Manisha Mohandas,Nishant Arora,Mrunal Joshi,panda priyadarshini

(Be sure to follow the Blog It Forward Chain to be notified when they update the link to thier BIF blog)

And I would like you all to reply to one or all of the following questions:

1. If you were 20 again, what would you study?

2. What do you think are the key elements for a successful project?

3. What do you most enjoy on SCN?

See you around !

Good luck and enjoy !