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Hi every one,

I was blogged by my colleague Nancy Guo(Blog it Forward - Nancy Guo) and I'm here today to accept this challenge and create my own BIF blog, talking a little bit about myself. You can find more information about this called on the blog Blog It Forward Community Challenge and add your name into the Blog It Forward (BIF) Chain if you want to join it.

My introduction

My English name is Jessica Li and my Chinese name is Li Rui(李瑞). I'm 29 years old and I am a mom of a 6-months baby boy.

I am from YongJi of ShanXi province, a small but beautiful city. My university is in Dalian, that's why I come to this sea city. After graduation, I went to Japan and worked there for more than 2 years. Due to Japanese economic depression, I decided to return to my country. At that exact time, SAP offered me a job.

I joined in SAP on 4th Jan. 2010, a memorable day. Snow was very heavy that day, I almost slipped down for several times when walking to the office. However, I was so excited because I would begin my new career in the dream company.

I work with same components as Nancy, the girl who invited me to BIF. They are PP - Production Planning,  ME - SAP Manufacturing, Execution  MII - SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence. Different is I am a Japanese-speaking consultant.

Fun Facts about My Hometown YongJi

My hometown is a tourist city. It is located at the bottom of Zhongtiao moutain. Not sure about the purpose, the city govenment spent millions to decorate the moutain. When night falls,  all the lights come on. The square under the moutain is as bright as day.

And, several famous historical sites reside here.

- GuanQue tower, one of four renowned towers in china

   A very famous poem of Tang Dynasty is called "On GuanQue Tower". I believe every Chinese can recite this poem. It is one of the first batch of poem Chinese children lean.

- PuJiu temple, a love resort

  The place where the story of novel "Xi Xiang Ji" happens. It is a classical love story between a poor scholar and a noble lady. They both stay in this temple due to unexpected snowstorm. Of course, they are not blessed. Many parties stop her meeting him. However, the clever maid of this lady, is always able to make them meet. Funny thing is the maid, whose name is HongNiang, is recognized as the originator of dating agency nowadays.

Fun facts about myself

I cry to lose weight every day, but has never started.

I enjoy almost all sports, but I am not good at any one.

I cannot speak Korea, but I love watching Korea TV drama.

Questions asked by Nancy

What is your professional life dream?

- Can help customer solve their problem in 8 hours.

What do you most enjoy on SCN?

- Summarize the knowledge points -> Share it to peers  -> Liked and rated 5 stars by them.

What is your favorite TV show?

- Hard to say. But "Friends" is the only one I have watched for multiple times.

Blogging it Forward

I'd like to blog it forward to the following people:





You can answer the same questions I have answered or other questions you want to answer.

best regards,