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Former Member

Hi All,

First of all i would like to thank poonam.hingankar14for tagging me in her BIF Blog It Forward - Poonam Hingankar :smile: . You can read more about this initiative over here Blog It Forward Community Challenge . Special thanks to moshe.navehfor starting this great initiative. Till now it has been amazing reading about different sets of people from all around the world because of this challenge :smile: . Trying a small effort from my side too, to introduce myself to the SCN world.

My Introduction

Frankly I will say that the most dreadful question according to me anyone can ask you is "Introduce yourself" :wink: , but i will try here to introduce myself.

My name is Harshada Deshpande. I am born and brought up in the 'Orange City' i.e Nagpur, Maharashtra :smile:   . It is located at the geographical centre of India :grin: . I did my schooling from Nagpur itself after which i moved to Mumbai to complete my graduation. Thanks to the campus placements i got placed in 'Infosys',  the dream company of every fresher :grin: . In Infosys training, we were trained in SAP ABAP module, where I was first introduced to the SAP world and I will say I am still trying to take a hold in this vast technology. Having trained in ABAP module i was hoping to get a project in the same technology, but instead got a project in SAP EP and Web Dynpro JAVA :wink: . So it was time again to learn a new technology.  I am thankful to my team for helping me in learning it. :smile:

I have just started to explore the technology. Hope i am successful in gaining expertise in it

Some facts About my Hometown - Nagpur

  1. Nagpur being located at center of India is an important hub for Indian Armed forces.
  2. It is also called 'Orange City' as the oranges grown here are very famous worldwide and are exported on a large quantity :wink:
  3. 'Zero Mile' stone is located in Nagpur which was used to measure all the distances. The distances of various major cities which are measured from here are carved on the Zero mile pillar.
  4. It is one of the emerging cities in the area of IT industry with big companies like TCS , Infosys, etc building their offices here :grin:
  5. Nagpur is also called the 'Tiger Capital of India' since it has vast forests and tiger sanctuaries within radius of few hundreds kilometers
    1. Pench National Park
    2. Tadoba - Tiger Reserve
    3. Nagzira Tiger Reserve, etc
  6. Vidharbha region has a distinct cuisine known as Varhadi cuisine or Saoji cuisine. This traditional food is famous for its spicy taste. :twisted:

Some Photos :smile:

                                Gandhi Sagar Lake - one of the  artificial and oldest lake in the city built by historical rulers of the city

                                                                                          Nagpur at Night :smile:


              The Famous Oranges and Orange Barfi( a sweet made from Oranges) of Nagpur

The Zero Mile Monument

My answers to the questions asked by poonam.hingankar in Blog It Forward - Poonam Hingankar

1. Tell us one quality of yourself you would never want to change?

    Well, that's a tough question to answer. I'll leave it to my friends and colleagues to

answer this question for me, according to what they feel about me :razz:

2. If you were not in IT Industry , what career would you have chosen for yourself?

     If not In IT industry then what (thinking of this makes me :wink: a lot )...  Let's see!!

I think I would definitely would have liked to be a Chef :grin: as I love cooking. I keep on experimenting different

recipes on my parents and sis

3. If you were to be a super hero for a day which one would you be and what would you do ?

    This is a funny question.. If i was to be a super hero, then I would like to be 'Shaktiman' :razz:

I would like to Blog It Forward to amar.ghuge and daya

My questions to them are

  1. Share afun fact/story about yourself that people don't know
  2. If you were not in your current position what/where would you be and why?
  3. What is your professional life dream?

Finally, I hope you enjoyed reading about myself and I thank you a lot for sparing out of your valuable time.

I appreciate all your valuable suggestions and comments :grin: