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Hello  Everyone,

I was blogged by Arjit Das ,a special thanks to him for including me in it. I'm here today to accept this challenge and create my own Blog-It-Forward blog. its every smart platform to introduce ourself and know others.

Here is my Journey:

My name is Gitesh meaning 'one who learns Gita from eshwar(God) '.

I am from Burhanpur a Historical, Pilgrimage and also the major center for Trade and Textile production.

Burhanpur is situated in the southwestern border of Madhya Pradesh near the banks of Tapti River.


Burhanpur was an important outpost of the Mughals. Shah Jahan spent a considerable time in this city, and helped add to the Shahi Qila. The Shahi Qila is one majestic palace in Burhanpur, located to the east of the Tapti River.The main attraction at the palace is the hamam or the royal bath. It was specifically built for Shah Jahan's wife, Begum Mumtaz Mahal, so that she could enjoy a luxurious bath. It is said that she died here giving birth to her fourteenth child. Even today, the ceiling has many intricate paintings.


Burhanpur occupies a pride of place in Daawat, especially because of Syedi Abdulqadir Hakimuddin. the holy dawoodi bohra saint who is buried in Burhanpur. His grave is visited by pilgrims from all over the world. The tomb complex 'Dargah-e-Hakimi' includes mosques, gardens, and international class accommodation facilities for visitors.Thousands of pilgrims come to Burhanpur with hope and desire in their heart and go back with their wishes fulfilled.


Burhanpur is best known for textile industries. It is the largest hub for Power Loom industry in the state. Also, having one NTC (National Textile Corporation) project 'Tapti Mills' and one private owned spinning mill latest state-of-the-art technology. 30-35 textile companies are best known for interlining cloth, Grey Markin, Bleached Dhoti, Cambric, Power loom Cloth bakram and other types of fabric. 'Texmpo Pipes' is the NSE noted industry, Balaji industry both manufactures pipes and agriculture equipment. Several cotton and oil mills are also there.

Apart from this, it is largest producer of Banana in Madhya pradesh

I have done schooling from St. Theresa Higher secondary School Burhanpur i am always among the top 3 student in the school life. then i moved to pune for doing graduation. i have done Engineering from MMCOE college Pune in Electronics & Telecommunication field.  i am always in the good books of faculty especially for my HOD and that is the reason i am the one who did the final year Project under her guidence.and i remembered my project members Ankit & Ajinkya who worked hard with me to built the Digital voltameter which gives the exact voltage as pressed.

Then after completing my Engg. i have done CDAC (Centre for Development of Advanced Computing) from Pune.In CDAC i learn about Mobile Technology Android and Iphone which i love to learn and started creating the apps. then i got placed in the medium scale IT industry V2 Solution in Vashi Navi Mumbai where i worked on Android & Iphone Automation . 

While working in Mumbai , i came to know about the M-Indicator App which gives the details of local trains timings running in the mumbai. and that hit me the idea of creating my own personal app on the same track but for my own city Burhanpur.then i started my work on it. first and the foremost thing i need to do is collecting important data and facts about Burhanpur.then after my office work i spend  daily 1-2 hours in planing ,designing and coding for the app. after continuing this schedule for 2 and half months i finally done with the Android app and its time to put that app in play store.

Then, I myself started marketing the app in various social media . i know this app will not help me in making money but i am sure this will help me built my image. since it was just a start. and i myself dont belive that the app was so much liked by most of the people in Burhanpur ,they used my app to see the shuttle train timing , PNR check, Pincodes of villages and various other features which i included in my app.

I named my app as Burhanpur Indicator: Burhanpur Indicator - Android Apps on Google Play

The number of downloads from the play store has gone near to 1000. and till today i am getting comments saying suggestion to include some new thing in next version and i really feel good on seeing such comments from the people whom i dont know.

SAP Career :

I joined Infosys and went for the Mysore training. Infosys Mysore training period is one of the most important part in my life time journey which i will never forget. campus is nothing but the 'Heaven on Earth'. here i will not go much in depth explaining about campus. there i completed my training in SAP ABAP module and reach pune again to work in projects.

At Present, i am here in Pune working as a System Engg. in  SAP Security Module. 

Infy started my career in SAP which i liked the most .when i came to know about the SCN i thought this is just the blogger site but when i started searching my colleagues in SCN i saw the 'Discussion'  the place where we can learn and share our knowledge . from that point onwards i use to login in SCN very often.

ravisankar.venna , I learned a lot of things from your blogs.a special to you.

BIF Challenge:

Ask by  arijit.das,

1) What are the forums I follow other than SCN?

Java Forums, AndroidCentral and Wordpress support forums

2) what i dislike the most inside SCN?

i think the polling part, which is not very much usefull most of the time but helpfull just to increase the lifetime points.

3) How much my college studied help me in my professional life?

i can say that my college study is not that much helpful , but i am sure my CDAC Studies does help me .

Blog Forward:

I would like to blog forward to

Daniel Lippmann






I would be happy if they could answer below questions:

  1) If given a chance to show your creativity, in which specific field would you make an   attempt?

   2) How can you come to know about SCN and what you enjoy on SCN?

   3) What is your professional life dream?

Thanks a lot for reading my blog. i would appreciate your valuable comments & Feed-backs

Keep Smiling :smile: