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Former Member

I was blogged forward by moshe.naveh2 to introduce myself to the community and to be part of the Blog It Forward (BIF) Chain.

My name is David Zettler and I am from the southwest of Germany. In my free time I play volleyball or go jogging. I like to meet friends and sometimes I play the guitar.

I study Business Information Technology at the Cooperative State University Ravensburg. Every three months is a change between the theoretical phase and the practical phase. That means, that I am at the Cooperative State University Ravensburg and have courses for three months (theoretical phase), and after that I work at SAP for another three months (practical phase). Then I go back to the Cooperative State University Ravensburg for three months and so on..and this for the time of three years, so I have six theoretical phases and six practical phases.

I am in the third year, so I had already five theoretical phases and four practical phases. Now I am in my fifth practical phase and I had the chance to go to Vancouver and be part of the SAP marketing team and SCN. In three of the previous practical phases I was in development teams and one time I was part of a consulting team.

Fun fact about Germany

German is the official language of the five countries Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg. And many people speak German in Northern Italy as well as in some parts of France. German is spoken by over one hundred million people worldwide!

My hometown Ravensburg

Ravensburg is my hometown and it is located in the southwest of Germany. The city is a widely intact medieval city with three town gates, over ten towers and a historic fortification. This is the reason why Ravensburg is called 'the city of towers'.

Please follow the Blog It Forward (BIF) Chain to keep the Blog It Forward Community Challenge going :wink: