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I hope you have all heard about the Blog It Forward Challenge (BIF) before? I'm currently taking part in a social media training led by jason.cao, and well, he just BIFed me. :wink:

My name is Benjamin Wilk and I'm part of SAP's global Maintenance Go-To-Market organization. I've done an internship at SAP's headquarters in Walldorf in 1999. Back then I already realized that SAP is the place to be. So I have joined SAP after I had finished my studies of business administration in Munich. After spending several years at the German offices in Walldorf and Rot I'm meanwhile located back in Munich which is my home turf. :cool:

Currently I strongly focus on the upcoming SAPPHIRE NOW event in Orlando as I'm the social media ambassador for SAP Support related topics. So if you're attending the event, please make sure to stop by at our SAP Active Global Support Center in the Services & Support Area. You can follow my blogs if you are interested in further details.

As part of the challenge, Jason requested that I answer three simple (?) questions, so here we go:

1. What inspires you?

Let's keep this one short: My wife who also is my best friend, my son, my parents, friends & colleagues.

2. What have you accomplished recently that you're really proud of?

I love playing tennis. I haven't been able to play on a "professional" level for the last few years because I was too busy working (ok that's kind of a lame excuse), wanted to spend more time with my family (that sounds better), and had some severe injuries. :cry:   But recently I was back on the court and I was back big-time by winning my first tournament ever in 2012.

3. If you could be a superhero, who would you be?

I already have the car so to become a superhero I just also need the skills of Marty McFly and Doc Brown.

Before you get too jealous, I was just kidding. This ain't my car. You can tell because I wouldn't park it like that on a handicapped parking spot. :wink:

With that I would like to blog it forward to my colleagues randy.swink and jade.vachon because I know that they want to become more active within SCN and social media. So maybe that's a good start. I would like to ask them the following questions:

1. Share a fun fact/story about yourself that people don't know

2. What do you enjoy most in your work and why?

3. What was the most fun project you ever participated in and why?

Want to know where this leads? Be sure to follow the Blog It Forward Chain.