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Hi Friends!

    First of all, l would like to thank sudeep.a and thanga.prakash for inviting me to BIF chain. I used to read the BIF of all members and I would like to appreciate the SCN team for the wonderful initiative.

About Me:

    It’s time to disclose my identity ! :cool:

    I am Prasoon. AK , 26 years old, born and brought up in a small village  “Thilannur” in Kannur District, Kerala state, India. My small family consists of four members including me. My parents are teachers and I have an elder brother who is working in software testing field.


My home - my heaven!:


About My Personal Life:

          I’m single and relocated to Chennai, India. I would like to move to my home town during every weekend, though its 13 hours train journey towards one side. :smile:


About my academic details:

         My primary education was in a government school where my mother was teaching. I got the opportunity to be taught by my own mother in school! :smile:   My secondary education was also done in a similar government school.

          I have completed my graduation in Mechanical Engineering  and that is my highest educational qualification till today!


My Career flow:

             Soon after completing my graduation, my brother asked me to do “some” course related to software (I didn’t know anything about IT industry at that time) and join in any IT company. But as all Mechanical Engineers do, I rejected the suggestion as I wanted to work in core mechanical industry! :razz: .

                After two months, I managed to get a job in a commercial motor manufacturing company in Goa, India, as apprentice trainee.  After few days, I was asked to get the design drawing for a component. I started searching in the design data register for the drawing number and finally end up with no result. I asked my colleague and I got reply from him that “ you check in SAP na, all details are available there”. That was the day I heard about SAP for the first time and logged in to SAP!!!. I worked in the manufacturing company for more than one year and was daily touching SAP and I knew some 3 -4 sap transactions like MB51, MMBE, MB52, ZMD04  (which I came to know later that it’s a custom transaction)  etc.  During those days, I used to write the transaction code and paste in the board near my desk!!!! :lol: :lol:

                One fine day, during casual talks, my reporting manager mentioned that “there are lot of things behind SAP and you will like it”. He was the person who identified my consulting skill. After that I started thinking about coming to SAP field. Moreover I was fed up with the manufacturing industry timings as I never went on time to office and the timing is very strict in any manufacturing company :razz: .

                After few months of extreme investigation about SAP field, I resigned the job from the manufacturing company and completed course in SAP MM.  It was quite simple for me during training since I was having practical knowledge of the purchasing scenarios. But the tough time started after completing the training since my fellow students got job and I was not able to get one! I was not ready to give up and started extreme practice in SAP. The hard work ended up in a job with designation as Jr. Consultant – SAP MM. There starts my career as SAP consultant! :cool:

                I was put in to support project initially and after a couple of months, I was moved to implementation team. Immediately I was sent to client site along with a senior MM resource. That day I saw the SAP implementation project kick off for the first time and the project started. My senior resource was rough, tough and he tortured me a lot. But he was so strong in subject and I learned a lot from him during the implementation project. I would remember him till my last breath as he made me to learn deeply, think before commenting / committing on any requirement from the client, think twice before changing existing design etc; and that gave me lot of confidence! Sincerely, I believe that the implementation project made me a real consultant! :cool:

                After successful completion of the project I gained lot of confidence and it helped me to complete multiple projects, roll outs etc in different industries and in different release of SAP. Apart from MM, I got opportunity to work in WM, SD & CIN, and currently involved in implementation of “Transportation Management” module for a US based company. TM module seems to be very interesting! :smile:


My relation with SCN:

            I created my ID in SCN by end of 2012 and started being active in the community by mid of 2013. I used to login to the community whenever I get time and I’m proud to be a part of world’s greatest ERP community network.

                I used to search / refer SCN for filling my knowledge gaps and I tried to follow the policy that “I should not search the same thing again”. :cool:


About My interest:

               I like to travel a lot, mainly to explore the natural beauty.

            I’m so crazy in car driving and sat very rarely in my car other than driving seat! I have four wheeler license only and I never drive a two wheeler!!!!! :razz:

Some photos from my village: :razz:





Our National Festival - "ONAM":


North Kerala Traditional - "Theyyam":



Thats all about my native!....


And finally...Myself:


Thanks all for reading my BIF and thanks for your valuable time!


I would like to blog it forward to satishbabu.bodepudi and ravindra.devarapalli