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Former Member

Hello Everyone,


Before I start I would like to thank dev.patra for sending me an invite to blog it forward.


Ok here I go,

My name is Advit ,I was born in Pune and I was brought up in Bangalore.I have lived in Bangalore all my life.I like everything about this city,I wouldn't trade this city for any other place.I like the weather ,people ,food and just about everything.I live in a very good and peaceful neighborhood called Jayanagar .Apparently Jayanagar was one of the first planned neighborhoods in Bangalore and also largest in Asia(source:wikipedia) :wink: .A 2010 survey by DNA Bangalore ranked Jayanagar as the most live-able place in Bangalore(Even this I stole it from wiki).


Bangalore has changed dramatically in a span of 10 years.It is the IT capital of India. There are more than 900 IT firms in Bangalore.It is also called Silicon valley of India.Only time will tell whether Bangalore can establish itself as Silicon valley of the East.

I have attached some pics,it shows where I work.



Bangalore also has an other side.The side that I cherish the most .Like most of the Indian cities ,Bangaloreans have stuck to their traditional roots.

Even with lot of modernization the hearts of city's core population hasn't changed much and I hope this stays for ever.

My Education & My Professional life.

I completed my high school in 2003.I completed my Bachelor in Engineering in IT in 2009.



I must also thank SCN community and SAP help without which I would be lost and last but not least I must thank my team .





I live with my mother.She has been everything to me ,without whom I cant even imagine getting through day to day activities.She has supported me in every aspect and she is my strength.Her words of wisdom have also been inspirational,motivating and it never gets old.

One thing she has always taught is that, I have to be honest with myself.I would like to thank her for being there for me during good times and bad times.


Question time


If given a chance to show your creativity, in which specific field would you make an attempt?


Music. I play drums and percussion.


My Ambition?


I am a guy who takes one day at a time. so I would say right now I would like to learn as much as possible.



In the words of bugs bunny



That's all folks!!