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Waited a while for getting BIF to me, but ran out of patience and requested the invitation :smile: . Thanks a ton kumar.gaurav5 and The specified item was not found. for looping me in the chain

And thanks a ton moshe.navehfor initiating this. You unleashed the SCN beyond technical boundaries.

To know more about this challenge you can go to Blog It Forward Community Challenge and to get yourself registered for this you can go to Blog It Forward- Request to Join Table

My SCN experience:

I track SCN space quite actively especially when I am in deep trouble :wink: . However, events like BIF keeps me engaged with SCN. I ensure to introduce my team members to SCN as there is huge information available right at our fingertips. With events like BIF, now, everyone can start writing and break the writer’s block.

I appreciate zeal and contribution of all members, moderators and mentors for making it such a gigantic knowledge repository. Also blogs like How to make a lot of friends on the SCN in just one hour as a fresher by sven.ringling  continually improves SCN.

About Me:

I am Abhijeet Mukkawar. Currently, I am working with Infosys Ltd, Pune (India) in SAP NetWeaver space. I am happy that my job enables me to resolve lots of business complexities using IT enablement. Throughout my experience, I constantly moved around technologies. And so did I in my career. After starting my career in IT, twice I drifted to other thing and thought of giving up the job.

     Once it was for a career in Financial Planning and Advisory, but thanks to 2008 financial crisis that before I quit IT, the dark stories of financial world dawned on me. Another time, when I started teaching Physics in 10+2 classes. Well, this thing still haunts me and, one day, I might go back to pursue it.

     I had my schooling from my home town, a small town, in Maharashtra state of India. Really, never thought I would come out of there as I was dropped from the college once for bunking exams for cricket tournament :neutral: . (Well I resumed the college a year after and did enough to go to University, and, hence, writing this BIF).

So, taking one step at a time.


Few facts about Pune:

Lohgarh Fort

         Khadakvasala dam

                Mumbai - Pune Expressway

               Ganesha Celebration

Pune(City of Virtue) is a city that epitomises ‘New India’, with its baffling mix of capitalism, spiritualism, ancient and modern. Today, it is a thriving centre of academia and business.

Few facts about Pune :

  • Pune has more than a hundred educational institutes and nine universities
  • Home to more than 20 renowned research institutes
  • Boasts 2800 acres of IT park
  • home to one of the world's three largest two-wheeler manufacturers, Bajaj Auto
  • has been the single largest hub for German companies in India. Over 225 German companies have set up their businesses here


Few facts about Infosys Ltd :

I will rather let the Infosys campuses speak for themselves :smile:


  • Infosys was ranked #19 amongst the world's most innovative companies by Forbes
  • Worlds largest corporate university at Infosys, Mysore, a 340 acre campus has 500 instructors and 200 classrooms
  • It has been voted India's most admired company in The Wall Street Journal Asia 200 every year since 2000
  • Infosys was identified as one of the top 25 performers in Caring for Climate Initiative by UN Global Compact and UN Environment Program – the only global consulting and technology major in the list.
  • home to 50 endangered plants and 40+ endangered butterflies

And there are lots of other interesting facts about Infosys at Blog It Forward - Jitendra Kansal ( Must see :smile: ). Thanks Jitendra Kansal

In response to an earlier The specified item was not found. , I will answer following questions:

1)     How do you deal with criticism?

I take it very positively  (quite a bookish answer :razz: ) . Well, genuinely, it used to put me off . But this was in the past.  In 2009, something very interesting happened to me....  I got married ….hmmmm…and that made me so patient that I think, now, I can listen to any length of criticism as a lullaby  and pick up only the part I really need to improve on  . So, when criticised, I read the important part and duck other emotions in it.

2)     How you came to know about SCN

Don’t quite remember it, but must have been the instance when I was deep down in the chasm of anxiety

3)     What make you laugh?

I think nothing can make me laugh (and embarrassed at the same time) more than my own silly coding mistakes. And I ensure to laugh all the time :razz:

Before wrapping up, uploading few snaps from my recent hobby - amateur photography :wink: - of visit to London.

I'd like to blog it forward to the following people:

satish.waghmare3 and my questions for them are:

  1. One thing you like about your job the most
  2. Given a chance to change one thing in your life, what it would be ?
  3. What makes you laugh?

Thanks for reading my BIF. Your comments are welcome :smile:

Looking forward to lengthen and strengthen this chain.