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Go a little bit deeper into the Welcome Corner with blog posts. Learn how to get started in SAP Community and get tips on maximizing your participation.
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Space Primer

The new SCN comprises more than 300 “spaces,” which support small, self- contained communities. SCN communities are typically focused around a topic, an SAP product, or an industry. Spaces support these communities with a complete set of social networking tools including a discussion forum, a blogging area, and an area to publish and collaborate on documents.

As a logged-in member, you can go to any space in the SCN landscape but it’s likely that you will be interested in visiting and following a particular set of spaces that reflect your particular range of interests and where members who share your interests are likely to visit.

Get to Know Your Spaces 

  • The Root Space
    This is the place to get an overview of all the activity on SCN. Here you find national headlines as opposed to local community news. This space is curated and edited by our SCN editors. You can’t create content here, but you can catch the community's top stories, scan the latest blogs, learn about outstanding SCN members, get updates on events, webinars, and on new and popular content.

  • Topic Spaces
    Topic spaces are like community clubhouses on the new SCN landscape. You'll go to a topic space because the focus topic interests you. Most likely, you'll develop a set of favorite spaces that you'll regularly visit or follow. For example, you might follow and regularly visit the ABAP Development space but follow and only occasionally visit the Web DynPro space.Topic spaces to  spaces are where you start discussions, where you create documents or blogs, and where you interact with your peers. The points you earn for your contributions and your SCN reputation roll up from the topic spaces where you are active.

  • Your Personal Space
    Your personal space is about you. It's not really a space like the others, but more like an area where you manage your profile and manage how you interact with the community. Here you can get an overview of your activities and of the content that you've created. You can manage your connections with other members and get an overview of the places and content you are following.

    After we launch the New SCN, you will need to go into your personal space to update your profile, upload a recent photo of yourself, and set up your environment on the new platform.

    If you are a blogger, you'll find that all of your previous blogs have been migrated into the Content area of your personal space. After launch, you will need to go into this area and assign each of your blogs to a topic space that reflects the key topic. (More on this topic later.)

    After you log in to the New SCN, you can access your personal space simply by clicking your name at the top of the masthead.

Be a Space Cadet

I'm serious about this. Your success with the New SCN depends on your ability to find the content, discussions, and interactions with other members on topics that matter to you. Don't go looking for the Forum area, the Blog area, or the Articles and eLearning catalogs. They won't exist anymore. You'll need to be a Space Cadet with a spirit of discovery and adventure. Explore and enjoy the new landscape of spaces. Browse, search, or drill down the navigation to find the topics that match your interests.