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It was a long morning where I forgot to put my alarm and woke up at 7:00 and got ready to bet the Bangalore traffic to reach the Labs in time for the awaited SCN day in Bangalore. With my mate Arivarasu driving me to the Labs we survived to reach the Labs by 9 in the daylight. I failed to find out my name in the unordered list at the security gate, then a person of the event organizing team walked in with a name list in the ordered form and was happy to see my name in that list, I was allowed to get into the labs then. The registration panel had my ID printed and wearing that I felt like I was crowned in that moment. Still there was some thing missing.......! Ohh that was the SCN T-Shirt.... Then I remembered about Mark Yolton announcement in the last year in Bangalore to donate money to United Nations World Food Program. Those T-Shirts, which I was anticipating, is feeding some little children.

I had a yummy Break fast , chatting with few of the familiar faces that I met in the last community day. Then it was the time to the Marks keynote where he introduced  new thing like docupedia - SAP's Help Library meets social media (1), SAP Teams with InnoCentive to Foster Community Collaboration with Benefit$ for All , the SAP Community Network Remodels to Support Giant Learning Landscape and Knowledge Playground and some statistical data of where we are. After his presentation he also introduced his team members who were the Godfathers and Goddess of the SDN and BPX community and also the folks who make this Teched, with cracking some jokes in between..!   He also brought up few mentors to our views who were there in this SDN Day.

But still we missed few, who were there in the last Community day like Mark Finnern(A smart tall Guy), Gregor Wolf, Gali Kling Schneider, Uri Levy,  and Athavan Raja. The speed networking happened soon after the key note where we got introduced to the other SCN members and with some serious chats of the technology, road map as well. This networking missed a thing that happened last year, yes. Last year after a couple of general networking rounds we had a networking with the same technology people whom we see in the forum and know them only by their names. That never happened this time.

In the after noon I decided to attend the SDN track, as I was unlucky to get a place in the Mentor Session by Thomas Jung. I gained a basic knowledge on widgets from the session Accessing Enterprise Portal API's from SAP Enterprise Widget by Avijit Dhar which inspired me towards Widget development. Trust me, I have now downloaded the development kit's for widget now. Dipankar Saha's session on Implementing Enterprise Shared Service Model Using ESOA and Composite Applications was an excellent one for the beginners to understand what ESOA is and how SAP PI fits into it. His explanation on ESB, CAF and PI integration was crystal clear. Thanks for Avijit and Dipankar from IBM for their valuable and priceless knowledge sharing sessions. Somnath, Abesh and Dipankar shared their experience about the community contribution and recognition. I cherish Abesh who started telling about ‘How he was converted to the SDN religion' telling that SCN is not only a collaborative network but it is more like a family.

Soon after panel discussion we met up in the Fortune Trinity with a delicious dinner and some drinks as well. We were missing Craig in the party who was busy in the Teched preparation. The Joy and the Learning never dwindled any ways in this Community Day.

Thanks to Craig and his SCN team for making this community day happen and special thanks to the Community Day Bangalore 2008 - Replay who filled up the day with their momentum.